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[AH] What would it take for the Buffalo Bills to move to Toronto?

When I visited the Microsoft Store in the Eaton Centre at the beginning of December, I was interested to see that among the covers for the Surface Pro 4 that this store carried were some carrying the logo of the AFL’s Buffalo Bills.

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Clearly, this store’s inventory came from someone who knew Toronto’s history with this team.

The intermittent efforts of urbanists and regionalists to make Toronto part of a cross-border megalopolis, one stretching west along the shoreline of Lake Ontario from Toronto up the Niagara River to Buffalo, have really not worked out. There’s not enough binding the Golden Horseshoe together, never mind roping the American side of the Niagara River into a community divided by relatively impermeable borders. The only readily visible sign that such a community exists lies in the relative popularity of the Buffalo Bills in the Greater Toronto Area.

As early as 2007, there were seriously concerns that the Buffalo Bills might be moved to Toronto in its owners’ search for a larger and richer market. For a few years, the Buffalo Bills even held home games in Toronto’s Rogers Centre. In 2014, these came to an end, as the people concerned decided the games just were not worth it.

Even if the owners had wanted to move, Toronto, I think, would have been a difficult market. Mine is just not a good sports city from the perspective of high-performing teams or popular teams, whether you look at Toronto FC or the Argonauts or the Maple Leafs. Perhaps the Raptors might be an exception? There would have been controversy surrounding the move at the Buffalo end, as well as at the Canadian end–an AFL intrusion into Canadian football territory would have been controversial.

Could it have happened? What would it have taken for this to occur?


Written by Randy McDonald

January 3, 2017 at 11:59 pm

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