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[ISL] “Souris looking for ways to encourage newcomers to stay”

CBC News’ Stephanie Brown reports from the eastern Prince Edward Island town of Souris, which has launched a new initiative to try to attract immigrants. I wish them luck, but given–for instance–a dire regional economy that cannot retain people born in the area, I wonder if there ever can be much of a niche for Souris as a destination for international migrants.

The Town of Souris, its Rural Action Centre and the P.E.I. Association for Newcomers to Canada are teaming up to make the town more welcoming for newcomers.

“We’ve had a few newcomers come and go, and some come and stayed, but we want to be able to encourage more to stay,” said town administrator Shelley LaVie.

The three groups have prepared a workshop for Jan. 17 aimed at town councillors, local businesses, and anyone else interested in helping out.

“We think this workshop might just help the rest of our town staff and our town councilors to understand what are their needs, and what are they looking for, and what will help encourage them to stay,” LaVie said.

​LaVie said she doesn’t know if there’s a particular reason why Souris hasn’t seen a large population of newcomer residents, but said from conversations she’s had, access to language education services is a big draw, and that is mostly offered in central areas like Charlottetown.


Written by Randy McDonald

January 6, 2017 at 6:15 pm

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