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[URBAN NOTE] “I’m a TTC fare evader”

The pseudonymous NOW Toronto article written by one Cliff G. does not convince me. I think I might make about as much money as Cliff, but I wouldn’t think of evading the TTC. But who knows? Maybe he has a point still about prices being too high.

Yup, I frequently use the TTC and hardly ever pay. How? Well that’ll stay my secret for the time being. Do I feel guilty about it? Not really.

Here’s the thing. My income does not meet the minimum poverty level. So without regular, full-time employment I just can’t afford to get around this wondrous city.

Cars are great. They can take you almost anywhere – if you can afford to buy one and pay for the gas. And repairs. And insurance. And parking.

Alas, biking in winter is something not to be taken lightly. Besides, Toronto is the bicycle theft capital of North America. So where does that leave people like me? Walking? I love my neighbourhood but in a city like Toronto there should be no barriers to public transit. None.

A round trip adult cash fare is $6.50. That’s a meal off my table. I have to really need to be somewhere before deciding to spend that kind of money on transit.


Written by Randy McDonald

January 10, 2017 at 8:30 pm

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