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[LINK] “Kevin O’Leary to enter Conservative leadership race tomorrow”

CBC shares the news. How appropriate, how derivative it is that Canada seems set to have its own cut-rate CanCon version of Donald Trump.

Businessman Kevin O’Leary will enter the Conservative leadership race tomorrow, CBC News has learned.

The Montreal-born anglophone will launch his campaign in Toronto only hours after skipping the French-language debate, which will be held tonight in Quebec City, sources close to the candidate said.

The move comes a week after his campaign exploratory committee told the former CBC Television host there was a “clear path to victory” if he jumped into the crowded race to replace Stephen Harper as permanent leader of the Conservative Party.

“Your many fans are eager to support you and will join the party to do so,” Mike Coates, chair of the committee, told O’Leary in a letter, adding that many existing party members would support him because he offers “the most compelling chance at winning the next election.”

The former Dragon’s Den investor must file his candidacy papers and pay a deposit by Feb. 24 in order to be a candidate in the May 27 vote.


Written by Randy McDonald

January 17, 2017 at 11:00 pm

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