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[LINK] “More immigrants coming to Atlantic Canada, but retention rates low: report”

MacLean’s shares this Canadian Press report noting how immigration to Atlantic Canada, though rising, is not necessarily permanent enough. It’s difficult for me to avoid the implication that immigrants to Atlantic Canada are leaving for the same reason as people born in the region, in the search for higher incomes and better (or any) jobs.

More people are immigrating to Atlantic Canada than ever before, but many do not stay, a new report says.

The Atlantic Provinces Economic Council report released Thursday said a record 8,300 immigrants arrived in 2015, and yet more the following year.

The Halifax-based council said 11,600 immigrants came to Atlantic Canada in the first nine months of 2016, due in part to an influx of Syrian refugees.

“The total numbers have tripled since 2002,” David Chaundy, author of the report, said in a phone interview Thursday.

Chaundy, the council’s research director, attributes the increase to expanded use of provincial nominee programs, which allow provinces to nominate people who wish to immigrate to their region, up to a cap.

“That’s what has really driven the growth,” said Chaundy, adding that this year the region could see closer to 19,000 immigrants, due in part to a new three-year Atlantic immigration pilot project announced by Ottawa and the four provinces last year.


Written by Randy McDonald

January 17, 2017 at 3:30 pm

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