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[PHOTO] Marshes of the Cataraqui, Kingston

Seated on the second level of the Megabus as it drove east through the Ontario countryside in the afternoon, I got great views but relatively few good pictures. The kind of speed that the Megabus travels at makes good photography shot en passing difficult. Easily the best I could take was as we were leaving Kingston, Ontario, the only stop on the Megabus’ route between Toronto and Montréal. The marshes along the upper Cataraqui River were perfect for my purposes, a homogeneous brown foreground against the more complex skyline of the forests in the background.

Marshes of the Cataraqui (1)

Marshes of the Cataraqui (2)

Marshes of the Cataraqui (3)


Written by Randy McDonald

January 17, 2017 at 8:45 am

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