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[FORUM] What sort of a difference do you think #womensmarch has made and will make?

All weekend, my Facebook and other social media feeds–Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, G+, probably even LinkedIn–have been filled with images of people taking part in their local manifestation of the Women’s March. I’ve seen images of people marching in protest of the new president in dozens of communities around the world, with photos coming from as close to home to me as Toronto and as far away as Antarctica. It’s quite heartening.

My question tonight is simple. Do you think that #womensmarch is the beginning of something big? Is it your sense that it might lead to new mass movements of decided heft? Is that your experience, so far? Or do you think it might not be all that, in the end, if not for others then not for you?

Please, discuss.


Written by Randy McDonald

January 22, 2017 at 11:59 pm

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