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[PHOTO] Arch Lofts, 243 Perth Avenue at Wallace

Sitting at 243 Perth Avenue at Wallace in the heart of the Junction Triangle are the Arch Lofts, a project aimed at converting a former church building into condos. This is the second project on that site, the Union Lofts project which began falling apart/u> amid contractor issues, as described in November 2016 by Tess Kalinowski in the Toronto Star. The Arch Lofts are slated to become open to buyers in mid-2017.

Arch Lofts (1)

Arch Lofts (2)

Arch Lofts (3)

Arch Lofts (4)

Arch Lofts (5)


Written by Randy McDonald

January 23, 2017 at 4:16 pm

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