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[URBAN NOTE] “A King Street with no cars? City may consider a car-free corridor pilot project”

CBC News’ Ramna Shahzad looks at a whole range of proposals that may see a broad stretch of King Street partially or even entirely closed off to car traffic.

The city is considering a number of options for a King Street pilot project, including making it solely a transit, pedestrian and cyclist zone in the downtown core, Toronto’s chief planner told a conference Wednesday.

At a Green Cities conference Wednesday morning, Jennifer Keesmaat,announced the launch of a website that will look at a range of pilot options for King Street along the six- kilometer corridor from Dufferin Street in the west to River Street in the east.

“We want to make sure that the areas of the city that we are directing growth to in fact have excellent transit service and the King Street corridor can be a big win,” she said.

The idea of King Street going car-free is just one possibility floating around. Keesmaat won’t confirm what the options are yet but says the city will propose them at a public meeting Feb. 13.

“There are a series of options that we will be bringing forward to the public looking at how we can essentially get cars out of the way,” Keesmaat said. “We’ll get the public’s response and then we’ll try it so we can see how it works in practice.”


Written by Randy McDonald

January 26, 2017 at 9:15 pm

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