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[URBAN NOTE] “Honest Ed’s sign will move to Ed Mirvish Theatre”

The relocation of the iconic Honest Ed’s sign downtown from the Annex to the Ed Mirvish Theatre was shared by, among others, the Toronto Star‘s Laura Beeston.

A portion of the Honest Ed’s sign will be saved and relocated when the former site of the iconic Toronto discount store is demolished in the spring, Mirvish Productions announced Wednesday.

The 30-foot-tall by 60-foot-wide sign from the corner of Markham and Bloor Sts., will be moved to the Ed Mirvish Theatre in the Yonge/Dundas neighbourhood, David Mirvish said.

The sign, which was installed in six parts, will be dismantled and taken to a warehouse for refurbishing before being installed on a new steel frame on Victoria St.

“It needs to be taken out of town and needs body filler like a big plastic automobile,” Mirvish said in an interview. “Then we have to seal it up and remove the bulbs because otherwise it will rust out over the years.”

He said the repairs and installation will cost six figures but that he “had to bite the bullet.”


Written by Randy McDonald

February 9, 2017 at 9:00 pm

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