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[URBAN NOTE] “TTC received 114 complaints about fare inspectors last year”

The Toronto Star‘s Ben Spurr looks at complaints regarding TTC insecptors and their enforcement, or not, of law. I’ve not had any encounters with them, I have to say. You?

Himel Khandker was infuriated when TTC fare inspectors stopped him on the 501 Queen streetcar last month and gave him a $235 ticket.

It wasn’t just the cost of the fine, which is no small amount for the 25-year-old biomedical engineering student. In part what bothered him was that he had paid for a student Metropass. He showed it to the inspectors, but he didn’t have the required TTC student ID.

The ticket stung, but what really aggravated him was that just two hours later, he watched as inspectors confronted two women on the 504 King streetcarwho he said didn’t have proof of payment. According to Khandker, one claimed she had dropped her transfer, while the other had one that was expired.

He was sure he was about to watch them get ticketed, but was incredulous when the inspectors let both off with a warning.

“I was kind of livid,” said Khandker. “Why is the enforcement not uniform?”


Written by Randy McDonald

February 13, 2017 at 10:30 pm

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