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[URBAN NOTE] “Farewell bash at Honest Ed’s a party for everyone”

The Toronto Star‘s Laura Beeston describes a fantastic-sounding farewell weekend of parties and celebrations at Honest Ed’s. I must get in on this, somehow.

A group of volunteers had a mission when they got keys to the city’s most famous bargain department store in the first week of February.

Toronto For Everyone didn’t want to just throw the “first, last and only farewell” to Honest Ed’s as we knew it. The group wanted to imagine what inclusive city building could look like moving forward.

Honest Ed’s “was one of the first businesses in the city that thought about how to incorporate philanthropy,” said #TO4E co-producer Hima Batavia, 32.

“A big part of it is, yes, saying goodbye to a physical building, but how do we bring those values forward?”

It was more than a store but a place that welcomed everyone, said co-producer Negin Sairafi, 31.

“How can we extract that, bottle it, and use it throughout our city building in the future?”


Written by Randy McDonald

February 18, 2017 at 9:15 pm

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