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[NEWS] Seven links, from Nickelback to nuclear energy to Second World War refugees

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  • Anthony Easton at MacLean’s writes in defense of Nickelback, one of Canada’s most popular bands if not a critical darling.
  • Also in MacLean’s, Stephanie Carvin notes that the new foreign and military policies announced by the Canadian government could still fall short.
  • Bloomberg View’s Stephen L. Carter considers the idea of the just war through the lens of Wonder Woman.
  • Nuclear energy, it seems, will be India’s answer to global warming in the era of Trump.
  • Qataris, Bloomberg notes, are trying to deal with their island country’s state of siege.
  • Airbus may pull its production plants from the United Kingdom unless the country keeps single market access.
  • Refugees, Lynne Olson notes at National Geographic, helped save the United Kingdom during the Second World War.

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