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[PHOTO] Queen Richmond Centre West, top to bottom

The Queen Richmond Centre West (134 Peter Street) is a interesting building, a modern glass tower built on and around an old brick warehouse. The weight is partly supported, as noted by architects Sweeny&Co, by Mega Delta Frames visible in the photos: “After a year of research and development, the team found a solution to structurally support the new tower over the top of the existing historic structures. They designed Mega Delta Frames—using three, each is capable of supporting forces of 80,000kN. The legs of the Mega Delta Frames are pressure-filled with concrete which, in composite action with tubular steel sections, contributes to the structural capacity of the frame and further contributes to the relative slenderness of the legs. Each leg is 40-inches in diameter with a steel thickness of 2-inches. The inherent lateral stability of the Mega Delta-Frames provide the majority of the building’s structure, allowing for only a single reinforced concrete stair and elevator core to descend down through the atrium, thus providing full visual exposure.”

Queen Richmond Centre West, top

Queen Richmond Centre West, bottom


Written by Randy McDonald

July 13, 2017 at 8:00 am

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