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[PHOTO] United Church of Canada, Cavendish, and Site of L.M. Montgomery’s Cavendish Home, PEI

United Church of Canada, Cavendish, and Site of L.M. Montgomery's Cavendish Home #pei #princeedwardisland #cavendish #lmmontgomery #churches

The site of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Cavendish home stands just west–right, in this photo–of the Cavendish church of the United Church of Canada that I shared yesterday.

Written by Randy McDonald

September 28, 2017 at 2:45 pm

[PHOTO] Two capybaras of High Park, Toronto

Two capybaras of High Park #toronto #highpark #highparkzoo #capybara/center>

I intend to return to take better photos.

Written by Randy McDonald

September 28, 2017 at 1:45 pm

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[NEWS] Seven science and tech links: GW170814, birds and dinosaurs, asteroid belts, oceans, energy

  • GW170814, detected by VIRGO and LIGO, marks the collision of two black holes, 31 and 25 solar masses, 1.8 billion light-years away. Ars Technica reports.
  • The American Museum of Natural History in New York has a new exhibition linking birds and dinosaurs. National Geographic notes.
  • This new asteroid belt model suggesting it began empty, then filled from the inner and outer system, is interesting. Universe Today goes into more detail.
  • New studies are suggesting that the oceans are starting to warm up. The Guardian reports.
  • Offshore wind farms are apparently serving as platforms for flourishing marine ecologies, starting with mussels. Technology Review examines preliminary findings here.
  • Hydroelectric development in the highlands of Georgia is disrupting already fragile human communities there. Open Democracy reports.
  • Australian scientists may have found the genes causing the small wings of emus. Could they get bigger wings now? The Herald-Sun describes the finding and its import.

[ISL] Four Hawai’i links: Molokai, nuclear attack, doctor shortages, coffee leaf tea

  • Up to a third of the island of Molokai, in Hawaii, is for sale, but the land comes with strings attached. Bloomberg reports.
  • Threats from North Korea are encouraging people in Hawaii to consider how to minimize risks of nuclear attack. The National Post reports.
  • Most Hawaiian islands, save Kauai, are apparently facing a growing shortage of doctors. U.S. News and World Report looks at the issue.
  • I strongly approve of the idea of coffee leaf tea becoming the next big thing for agriculture in Hawaii. This press release hints at encouraging potential.

Written by Randy McDonald

September 27, 2017 at 7:30 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four Ontario links: minimum wage, Toronto, Petersborough, Prince Edward County

  • A new TD report suggests the introduction of a $15 minimum wage could cost up to 90 thousand jobs by 2020, especially if the shift is too quick. Global News reports.
  • Torontoist notes the ongoing debate over what to do with the land suggested for Rail Deck Park. (I prefer the park.)
  • blogTO notes the Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough is set to expand and move to a new location.
  • Opposition–ill-grounded opposition, I would say–to a new wind energy project in Prince Edward County is growing. Global News reports.

[BLOG] Some Wednesday links

  • At Antipope, Charlie Stross bets that barring catastrophe, the US under Trump will dispatch crewed circumlunar flights.
  • D-Brief takes a look at the evolution of birds, through speculation on how the beak formed.
  • Language Log looks at the ways Trump is represented, and mocked, in the languages of East Asia.
  • Noting the death toll in a Mexico City sweatshop, Lawyers, Guns and Money reiterates that sweatshops are dangerous places to work.
  • The NYR Daily notes the many structural issues likely to prevent foreign-imposed fixes in Afghanistan.
  • Roads and Kingdoms reports from a seemingly unlikely date festival held in the depths of the Saudi desert.
  • Rocky Planet reports that Mount Agung, a volcano in Indonesia, is at risk of imminent eruption.
  • Drew Rowsome notes a new stage adaptation in Toronto of the Hitchcock classic, North by Northwest.
  • Strange Company reports on how the Lonergans disappeared in 1998 in a dive off the Great Barrier Reef. What happened to them?
  • Towleroad notes how Chelsea Manning was just banned from entering Canada.
  • Window on Eurasia claims that the Russian language is disappearing from Armenia.
  • Arnold Zwicky maps the usage of “faggot” as an obscenity in the United States.

[PHOTO] United Church of Canada, Cavendish, PEI

United Church of Canada, Cavendish #pei #princeedwardisland #cavendish #churches #unitedchurchofcanada #latergram

This church, belonging to the United Church of Canada, apparently caters heavily to the tourist trade.

Written by Randy McDonald

September 27, 2017 at 11:15 am

[PHOTO] Emu of High Park Zoo

Emu of High Park #toronto #highpark #highparkzoo #birds #emu #paleognathae #latergram

Yesterday, I went on a great walk southwest of Keele station, through High Park and west along the shore of Humber Bay. I was particularly impressed by this emu I saw, safely contained behind a fence, in the High Park Zoo. This is surely a bird that would be recognized by the dinosaurs of the pre-Cretaceous era as kin.

Written by Randy McDonald

September 27, 2017 at 10:01 am

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[NEWS] Six LGBTQ links: United States, Egypt, nu disco, Patrick Kelly, Alan Cumming, Will & Grace

[URBAN NOTE] Four Toronto links: rent control, Toronto Islands, 401 Richmond, amalgamation

  • The Ontario government is not backing down on rent control despite impending conversions of real estate to condos.
  • blogTO notes this last heat wave has made the Toronto Islands superb, at last. I visited Sunday–visit while you can.
  • The 401 Richmond arts centre is getting tax relief, letting it function as a home for culture in a booming downtown.
  • Christopher Hume argues amalgamation, by undermining old power structures, made progress in Toronto impossible.