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[CAT] Five cat links: Toronto cat parks, cat longevity, Australia, California cougars, fishing cats

  • Toronto, finally, will be getting not one but two cat-themed parks in the downtown core, including one of the site of the Addisons Residence nightclub to be built by 2022. blogTO reports.
  • At Atlas Obscura, Christina Couch tells the story of Texan Jake Perry, a man who claims to have found a way to give cats very extended lifespans.
  • Jason Daley at Smithsonian notesthe exceptional death toll inflicted by cats on native wildlife, including reptiles, after their introduction into Australia.
  • Four cougar kittens were recently found, miraculously, in a patch of California hills surrounded by roads. Annie Roth at National Geographic reports.
  • Oishimaya Sen Mag at World Atlas reports/u> on the fishing cat of South Asia, a feline population facing significant enviromental pressure.

Written by Randy McDonald

June 30, 2018 at 9:30 am

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