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[BLOG] Some Friday links

  • Centauri Dreams notes the extent to which we have barely begun to seriously search for extraterrestrial intelligences.
  • Over at Crooked Timber, Henry Farrell has demonstrated, via the submission of a bogus article to the American Economics Review, that the discipline of economics, too, has broken peer-review processes.
  • D-Brief reports on scientists who have successfully introduced new songs to sparrows living in the wild.
  • JSTOR Daily takes a look at the question of how to properly manage fisheries on the high seas in the face of global environmental challenges.
  • Lingua Franca suggests that the word “selfie” is a good one with which to characterize the millennial generation.
  • Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution further reflects on the arguments of Henry Farrell.
  • Roads and Kingdoms expands upon the joys of eating mozzarella balls in Rome.
  • Drew Rowsome takes a look at a new documentary examining famed nightclub Studio 54.
  • Frank Jacobs at Strange Maps shares a map showing the different cities in Africa that are focuses of this continent’s emerging wealthy economies, from Casablanca to Lagos to Addis Ababa.
  • Nathaniel Rogers at Towleroad praises the new remake of A Star Is Born, with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.
  • Window on Eurasia suggests that Russia’s Roscosmos agency is no longer a major player in space exploration, thanks to a concentration on military issues.
  • Arnold Zwicky shares this funny, widely-circulating cartoon, depicting Humpty Dumpty as he enjoys a great fall.
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