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[NEWS] Thirteen links on HIV/AIDS for a (belated) World AIDS Day (#worldaidsday, #hiv)

AIDS Memorial in red and white at night (2) #toronto #aidsmemorial #barbarahallpark #hiv #churchandwellesley #churchstreet

  • The Canadian government has adopted new guidelines to prevent unnecessary and unscientific criminal prosecutions in HIV non-disclosure cases. Newswire has the press release.
  • The Guardian notes, at the beginning of November, the importance of the AIDS Memorial over at Instagram, as a memorialization of so many lives cut too short.
  • Ash Kotak’s reflections at Open Democracy about the continuing global impact of HIV/AIDS deserve sharing.
  • Towleroad notes the terrible record of George H.W. Bush, as president, faced with the AIDS epidemic.
  • Hornet Stories notes how, during the 1990s, Marvel Comics dealt with AIDS through the metaphor of the mutant-infecting Legacy Virus.
  • Daily Xtra notes 22 different pop culture events that shaped the perception of HIV/AIDS.
  • The Russian Demographics Blog notes the alarming shape of the HIV epidemic in Europe, with increasing success in the European Union being more than counterbalanced by an expansion of the epidemic in Russia.
  • The Russian Demographics Blog includes an interview with Vadim Pokrovsky, long-time Russian (and Soviet) expert in HIV, who expands upon the accelerating HIV epidemic in Russia.
  • Back in February, Politico explored how the prevailing social conservatism in Russia did little to prevent the continued spread of HIV in Russia, indeed making things worse.
  • CBC Arts took a look at an artist-run newspaper, The HIV Howler, that takes a look at HIV from the perspectives of individual artists from around the world.
  • VICE shares an audio clip from a speech given in 2000 by Jason Kenney, now leader of the opposition in Alberta, in which he boasts about overturning a law that gave gay people the right to visit their dying partners in hospital.
  • In a terribly sad essay at The Globe and Mail, Michael Harris describes how it was stigma and homophobia, not AIDS itself, that killed his ex “Noah.”
  • NBC News praises doctor Demetre Daskalakis, a health worker in New York City whose promotion of “status-neutral” policies towards STDs generally is helping master the HIV epidemic in that city.
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