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[NEWS] Five culture links: Orthodox, children online, Panda Express, Eminem stans, Chris Claremont

  • What, exactly, happened with the establishment of Ukraine’s Orthodox church as co-equal to the other national orthodox churches united under the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople? Open Democracy explains.
  • This article in The Atlantic takes a look at how children, now growing up, are responding to the fact that so much of their lives has been put out on the Internet already.
  • I agree entirely with this article‘s argument about the authenticity of the Chinese-American cuisine served by Panda Express.
  • It’s a bit ironic that Eminem, of all people, stans for The Punisher. VICE reports.
  • Writing at The Conversation, Andrew Dewman makes an excellent argument as to the importance of Chris Claremont, not only as an author of the X-Men but as a shaper of our modern pop culture, more open (for instance) to women and minority heroes.
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