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[BLOG] Some Sunday links

  • Architectuul looks at the photos and the architecture of Carlo Mollino, all curves.
  • Centauri Dreams notes a remarkable piece of detective work, identifying candidate stars responsible for a close encounter that threw a planet of star HD 109606 into a distant eccentric orbit.
  • John Holbo at Crooked Timber takes a second look at the “Historovox” concept raised by Corey Robin.
  • D-Brief notes a study suggesting planets in close orbit of red dwarf stars could experience sufficient tectonic stresses from their star to remain geologically active.
  • Far Outliers looks at how and why, in Calcutta, the poor were kept physically close to the rich.
  • Gizmodo reports on a massive nuclear superbubble thousands of light-years wide in the heart of galaxy NGC 3079, with photos.
  • Hornet Stories shares a shortlist of essential books by LGBTQ writers from the United Kingdom.
  • JSTOR Daily notes how architect Mary Colter came up with ingenious buildings for the Grand Canyon that fit this unique environment.
  • Lawyers, Guns and Money shares a compelling argument against the Electoral College.
  • Marginal Revolution notes that Mormonism stands out among American religions as enjoying continued, if decelerating, growth.
  • The NYR Daily considers if there is a point at which empathy becomes banal.
  • Corey S. Powell writes at Out There about how the Spirit and Opportunity rovers were deeply meaningful surrogates for human minds on Mars.
  • Justin Petrone at north! argues that MTV’s The Real World set a precedent for individual people to be self-curating and self-creating their representations.
  • Starts With A Bang’s Ethan Siegel notes the historic discovery of the cosmic neutrino background, a signal formed one second after the Big Bang.
  • Frank Jacobs at Strange Maps shares a map showing the long train journey of Kim Jong-um across China to the recent summit in Hanoi.
  • Towleroad notes</u. that the Donald Duck comic is going to see a lesbian character for the first time.
  • Window on Eurasia notes how a new Russian governmental process of optimization is undermining many small communities in rural Russia, a picture familiar to many in Canada, too.

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