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[PHOTO] What I saw on my trip, day by day

I ended up taking well over thirteen hundred photos in the course of my trip to Venice, not including the ones I have yet to copy over from my Fujifilm camera. I need to figure out how to organize and share these; until then, pointing you my readers over to the Facebook albums containing the photos I have uploaded seems like a good place to start.

  • The Union-Pearson Express is a fine way to depart downtown Toronto for Toronto Pearson, the line swiftly cutting a great arc across west-end Toronto.
  • My travels on the 5th of March took me from Toronto Pearson to Milan, with a very quick stopover at Newark.
  • I strongly recommend entering Venice by train, crossing over the Venetian Lagoon to Venezia Santa Lucia station on the fringes of the archipelago.
  • My first full evening in Venice, on the 6th, was magical, staying from a base in Dorsoduro along the Rio Del Magazen.
  • The 7th of March was a full day, exploring the neighbourhood and swinging by the Guidecca on a vaporetto and seeing St. Mark’s and the colourful island of Burano and swinging down to base through the sestiere of Cannaregio.
  • Highlights of the 8th included a trip down the Grand Canal to the Rialto and then to St. Mark’s in the morning fog, the Museo Correr, the bright glass-making island of Murano, and a wonderful ramble across Santa Croce and San Polo.
  • The 9th saw an in-depth exploration of Venice proper, rambling through to San Rocco and then further south to the Ca’ Rezzonico and then the Peggy Guggenheim, before winding my way back via St. Mark’s and the Rialto.
  • Leaving Venice on the 10th was sad, if necessary. The last sights of the city were lovely, and the train trip west through Lombardy-Veneto countryside to Milan was fun. I made Milan, but a traffic disruption by weather at Frankfurt let me overnight there.
  • My trip on the 11th from Frankfurt to Toronto was competently and quickly handled. Highlights for me included Frankfurt airport, the selection of in-flight movies including Anthropocene and Deadpool 2, and my arrival safe at home in Toronto.

Written by Randy McDonald

March 13, 2019 at 1:00 pm

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