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[URBAN NOTE] Six Toronto links: Hearn, laneway houses, Artscape, Coffee Time, Mmmuffins, Lilly Singh

  • blogTO reports that the Hearn Generating Station is set to become a public space again this summer with a party.
  • Laneway housing in Toronto, now legalized, is starting to take shape as an architectural form. The Toronto Star reports.
  • The new Artscape Weston Common project for artists at Weston Road and Lawrence will hopefully help a neighbourhood taking on a new form. The Toronto Star reports.
  • A redditor at r/Toronto confirms that the venerable Coffee Time outside of Jane station, supposedly closed for renovations, will not reopen.
  • The last Mmmuffins store in Toronto, somewhere in the PATH, is also set to close. blogTO reports.
  • The selection of Toronto-born Lilly Singh to be the next late-night host on NBC really breaks all sorts of boundaries. VICE reports.
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