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[URBAN NOTE] Five city links: Hamilton, Montréal, Atlantic City, Dieppe, Bangalore

  • Rick Zamperin at Global News makes the case for Hamilton to at least investigate the idea of bidding for the 2030 Commonwealth Games.
  • HuffPostQuébec hosts the argument for bringing back to the surface, in Montréal on the McGill campus, a stream running down Mount Royal that has been canalized for nearly two centuries.
  • Wired highlights the photos of Atlantic City taken by photographer Brian Rose, a city that stands as testimony to the failed promises of Trump.
  • DW notes how the French port of Dieppe stands unprepared and vulnerable in the face of Brexit.
  • Guardian Cities notes how activists and historians in the Indian city of Bangalore, or Bengaluru, are trying to preserve the ancient stone markets from development.
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