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[URBAN NOTE] Seven Toronto links: floods, Vegandale, Seduction, marijuana, TTC, Coffin Factory

  • CBC notes that the federal government has given the Greater Toronto Area $C 150 million for flood mitigation measures.
  • blogTO notes that the Vegandale controversy in Parkdale is continuing, with allegations new restaurants in the area have hidden links to unpopular Vegandale business proprietors.
  • The nigh-iconic main location of sex shop Seduction on Yonge Street is closing down. blogTO reports.
  • Why are all of the legal marijuana shops in Toronto concentrated in the downtown? The Toronto Star reports.
  • Global News reports on the different problems with recycling material in Toronto.
  • What would the Downtown Relief Line look like if the TTC was brought thoroughly under provincial control? The Toronto Star reports.
  • Samantha Edwards at NOW Toronto writes about the end of the Coffin Factory as a haven for artists, victim to the forces of gentrification undermining much of the physical base of the artistic culture of the city.
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