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[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: real estate, GO Transit, new homes, Gardiner Expressway

  • blogTO shares a new map depicting prices for new homes at different stations on the GO Transit network, here.
  • This real-estate ad offering an actively used office as someone’s home for a mere $C 1695 a month is ridiculous on so many levels. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Transit Toronto notes that GO Transit has dropped fares on trips shorter than 10 kilometres while raising them for longer trips.
  • 98% of the material used in these modern houses worth $C 1.7 million is made of recycled materials. The Toronto Star reports.
  • The irony of a posh pop-up restaurant being created underneath the Gardiner Expressway while, just a bit to the east, homeless people living under the highway were driven from their shelter, is shocking. CBC reports.
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