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[NEWS] Five politics links: Ontario, Québec, California, Buttigieg, Brazil

  • The shameful cuts to the Ontario public library system speak volumes about the attitude of Doug Ford towards education. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Will this spring’s flooding change the relationship of people in Québec to waterways like the St. Lawrence? CTV reports.
  • That the failures of infrastructure of Pacific Gas and Electric can be linked to so many catastrophic wildfires in California, and that nothing has been done despite this, shocks me. VICE reports.
  • This Olivia Nuzzi profile of Pete Buttigieg and his presidential campaign at New York Magazine makes me like him all the more.
  • This Open Democracy analysis of the amendment to the constitution of Brazil that sharply limits government expenditures, requiring unthinking austerity for the next two decades, is compelling.
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