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[PHOTO] Virgin Mary on Lansdowne

I had last taken a photo of this particular blue-and-white statue of the Virgin Mary back in July 2017, while I was walking on Lansdowne Avenue, on the western edge of the heavily Portuguese-Canadian (and even more heavily Roman Catholic) west-end neighbourhood of Wallace Emerson, caught my eye when I was walking down the street on the Saturday before a flight out. Yesterday evening, I walked by the same address with the same statue, this time without a luxurious front garden full of greenery, standing simply and unadorned on the corner of Lansdowne and Paton Road in bright spring sunshine.

Virgin Mary on Lansdowne #toronto #wallaceemerson #lansdowneave #patonroad #virginmary #statue #evening

Written by Randy McDonald

April 23, 2019 at 1:30 pm

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