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[URBAN NOTE] Seven Toronto links: Galleria, Gerrard Square, real estate, Don, Scarborough, #onpoli

  • CBC Toronto notes the latest stage in the documentation, by Toronto artist Shari Kasman, of the now-disappearing Galleria Mall.
  • The Gerrard Square Mall, blogTO suggests, is actually doing quite nicely these days.
  • Airbnb listings in Toronto, taking up 1% of the rental market of Toronto, are causing significant harm to renters despite this seemingly small percentage. CBC reports.
  • John Lorinc is quite right to note at Spacing that the City of Toronto is not helping the housing crisis by selling off vacant land.
  • The Don River can now be celebrated, noting its rather improved status from its mid-20th century nadir. CBC Toronto reports.
  • The Scarborough RT line faced near-critical shortages of usable vehicles recently. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Steve Munro takes</a. a look at the details of the law uploading new Toronto transit services to the province of Ontario.
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