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[URBAN NOTE] Five library links: libraries, Ontario, costs

Bloor/Gladstone Library, as seen from Gladstone #toronto #bloorcourt #bloorgladstonelibrary #night #bloorstreetwest #gladstoneave #lights #latergram

  • If you are a subscribing reader to the New York Review of Books, read this Sue Halpern review essay on the public library.
  • CBC Hamilton reports on how Ontario provincial cuts will hurt many libraries around Hamilton, especially rural ones.
  • Many libraries, in the area of eastern Ontario Kingston and Perth, will also suffer from the cuts. Global News reports.
  • This CBC As It Happens interview with Dayna DeBenedet, CEO of the Dryden Public Library, looks at how the cuts will hurt already underserved communities hardest.
  • Jane Gerster at Global News notes how the library funding cuts will have a much larger negative economic effect than many might think.
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