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[CAT] Five #caturday links: adoption, sakura, Dwayne, Pouces, feline intelligence

  • blogTO reports that some of the 300 cats rescued from a hoarder’s apartment here in Toronto are now available for adoption.
  • This r/toronto photo of a cat who came out to enjoy the cherry blossoms at Robarts Library is adorable.
  • These images and videos of Dwayne, a cat capable even of riding the TTC, are adorable. blogTO has them.
  • CBC Montreal reports on Pouces, a cat who rides with his trucker human Sean Litwack across the country.
  • David Grimm at Science Magazine writes about the pioneering work of Kristin Vitale in studying feline cognition. It turns out cats are much smarter, and more attuned to humans, than we might think.

Written by Randy McDonald

May 11, 2019 at 11:30 am

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