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[CAT] Five #caturday links: Edmonton, research, sex, Scotland, social media and trackers

    Alanna Mitchell at MacLean’s writes about a forensic investigation into a series of cat deaths in Edmonton.

  • A pet cat was caught up in a research project focusing on roaming cats and their impact on birds, and its owner was upset. KWWL reports.
  • A male cat in China escaped and had so much sex it needed a glucose drip. NY Mag reports.
  • George the cat, a tabby in Scotland, has an active social media following as people watch for him as he roams. British Metro has it.
  • VICE reports on how a tracking device for cats not wildly different from Fitbit traced the movements of one cat around his neighbourhood.

Written by Randy McDonald

October 12, 2019 at 11:00 am

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