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[NEWS] Thirteen #cdnpoli links for #elxn43

  • CTV News notes that election day is here in Canada.
  • CTV News shares a list of answers to frequently asked questions about #elxn43 requirements.
  • Philippe Fournier at MacLean’s notes that #elxn43 is shaping to be perhaps the most uncertain federal election in Canada since 1979, at least.
  • Kai Cheng Thom at Daily Xtra addresses the despair of a voter wondering if they should vote at all. Even in dark times, there must be some room for hope, for creative responses.
  • Andrew Coyne at the National Post points out the obvious, that Canadians should not feel smug about dysfunction in the US and Britain.
  • Chris Selley at the National Post argues against electoral reform.
  • CBC shares stories of Syrian refugees, now citizens, voting for the first time in #elxn43.
  • The diffusion of extremist sentiments in Canada in the past few years is a real concern. NOW Toronto has it.
  • This CBC opinion suggests that expatriates from Canada, non-resident in the country, should not have a right to vote.
  • Andrew Scheer, once notable for his vocal support for Brexit, is now much quieter about the issue. CBC reports.
  • Peter Henderson at NOW Toronto argues that Ed the Sock has become the voice of a responsible conservatism.
  • The claims of Andrew Scheer that the political party that wins the most seats gets to form the government in the Canadian system are obviously wrong. Global News has it.
  • Who, exactly, forms the middle class in Canada, that demographic that Trudeau and Scheer have been claiming to address? CBC reports.
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