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[NEWS] Five Universe Today (@universetoday) links: colours, panspermia, Venus, superhabitable worlds

  • Brian Koberlein at Universe Today considers the question of what was the first colour in the universe. (Is it orange?)
  • Matt Williams at Universe Today considers how comets and other bodies could be exporting life from Earth to the wider galaxy.
  • Matt Williams at Universe Today explores one study suggesting Venus could have remained broadly Earth-like for billions of years.
  • Matt Williams at Universe Today also notes another story suggesting, based on the nature of the lava of the volcanic highlands of Venus, that world was never warm and wet.
  • Fraser Cain at Universe Today took a look at the idea of superhabitable worlds, of worlds better suited to supporting life than Earth.

Written by Randy McDonald

October 24, 2019 at 10:00 pm

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