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[CAT] On Shakespeare

Shakespeare passed, peacefully and quickly, at 7:20 pm at the Bloorcourt Veterinary Clinic.

I was the better for him, and I think he was the better for me. I began to miss him the moment he passed, and the world around me somehow no longer seems to fit the way it should.

Still: Shakespeare had a good death, at the end of a good day spent mostly at home in comfort with people who loved and cared for him, and he had a better life. I would like to think I was good for him, and I know he was good for me; our voyage together from September 2008 on is one I would repeat.

(One major exception to this: I would make sure this time to expose him to Caitians, including M’Ress, at an earlier date. Positive role models matter.)

I grieve him, but I celebrate his life.

I am very deeply moved by the way that you have responded, celebrating with me his life in the past and supporting me and him in this hard time. The staff at the Clinic helped make this terrible thing bearable. I would also like to thank particularly Jim for supporting me at the Clinic, and Paul for managing today’s costs, across the Atlantic even. There are so many others who helped, in private chat and comments, that I fear the SHIFT-2 combination on my laptop keyboard would give out. I am grateful to you all.

I will be thinking of a way to appropriately commemorate his life. More info will come later.

Even after this sad day, I consider myself lucky. Thank you all.


I was lucky.

Shakespeare as a kitten

Written by Randy McDonald

February 27, 2020 at 9:27 pm

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[CAT] Shakespeare, cradled and in a cone

Shakespeare, cradled and in a cone #toronto #dovercourtvillage #shakespeare #cats #catsofinstagram #blue #cone

One reason I have been offline recently has because of the serious health concerns of Shakespeare. They have detected a large and growing internal mass that has already produced external manifestations, quite possibly cancerous.

His quality of life is what I am concerned with. I will not make Shakespeare live for my sake; he deserves better treatment than that, to be made into an instrument so I feel better while he agonizes.

Shakespeare is a very good cat.

Written by Randy McDonald

February 26, 2020 at 2:00 pm

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