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[PHOTO] “Deeds Speak” (#oldtoronto, #yorkcounty)

"Deeds Speak" #toronto #yorkcounty #bertistreet #richmondstreet #coatofarms #jacobinejones #sculpture #latergram

The Toronto Plaque website explains the significance of this sculpture, located [i]n front of the parking garage of the building on the east side of Berti Street just north of Richmond Street East”, quoting its 2010 Heritage Toronto plaque. Here’s what it says:

The adjacent York County Coat of Arms and the female figure inside the entrance once adorned the York County Registry Office, formerly located on this site. Commissioned by the County in 1941, the sculptural reliefs were created by Jacobine Jones, a leader in the field of architectural sculpture, who later became the Director of Sculpture at the Ontario College of Art. These sculptures remained with the building when the County left this site in the mid-1960s. Before demolition of the old building in 2008, the sculptures were removed. They were reinstalled on the present building in 2010.

“Deeds Speak” was the motto of the 3rd Regiment of York Militia, and has survived the liquidation of old York County to remain the motto of York Regional Police.

Wikipedia’s article on Jacobine Jones provides a convenient overview of the life of this sculptor, most active in the mid-20th century.

Written by Randy McDonald

March 15, 2020 at 12:30 pm

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