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[URBAN NOTE] Four Toronto links: NOW Toronto, ghost signs, The Ward, Southey on Peterson

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  • Alice Klein of NOW Toronto asks her publication’s readers for more support. This is worrisome: I hope NOW Toronto will be OK.
  • blogTO talks about the “ghost signs” of Toronto, legacies of businesses and products long since past, with photos.
  • Toronto Life shares, from the website of the Toronto Ward Museum, a selection of photos depicting The Ward, the downtown Toronto neighbourhood erased by the construction of City Hall.
  • In a brilliant column at MacLean’s employing her trademark smart humour, Tabatha Southey wonders if Jordan Peterson is, in fact, “a stupid person’s smart man”.

[URBAN NOTE] Four Toronto notes: elections, Parkdale, poverty, and three Torontos

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  • John Lorinc at Spacing takes a look at how demographic change, including economic polarization, may influence the 2018 municipal elections in Toronto.
  • Laurie Monsebraaten reports on the growing income polarization of different neighbourhoods and communities in Toronto, over at the Toronto Star.
  • Liam Barrington-Bush discusses, at NOW Toronto, the possibility of a massive new development at King and Dufferin being the tipping point for the gentrification of wider Parkdale.
  • Joe Mihevc shares with NOW Toronto some of his strategies for fighting poverty in Toronto.

Written by Randy McDonald

November 19, 2017 at 6:15 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Three Toronto links: housing prices, Relief Line, Burtynsky at the AGO

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  • blogTO reports the obvious, that housing prices in Toronto are expected to continue to boom over the next decade despite this brief lull.
  • There has finally been an official Request for Proposal for a new TTC relief line arcing across the southeast of the downtown. blogTO has it.
  • I am incredibly excited by news of an upcoming exhibition of Edward Burtynsky’ work, Anthropocene, at the AGO in September 2018. NOW Toronto reports.

[URBAN NOTE] Five notes on change: Richard Florida, Sidewalk & Quayside, Hong Kong, Seattle, Iceland

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  • Noah Smith of Bloomberg interviews RIchard Florida on the downsides of the urban renaissance, considering the possibility of countries fragmenting into booming city-states and declining hinterlands, over at Bloomberg.
  • Christopher Hume considers how the Google Sidewalk dream for Toronto’s Quayside could fall apart, over at the Toronto Star.
  • VICE reports on how Hong Kong is making massive investments in land reclamation, in response to shortages of territory.
  • Global News reports that Chinese homebuying investors have turned from Vancouver towards Seattle, in search of lower prices.
  • Iceland is in the middle of massive housing price increases, though this is apparently growth driven by demand not by a bubble. Bloomberg reports.

[URBAN NOTE] Four transit notes: King Street, bike lanes, Toronto Islands ferries, Coach Terminal

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  • Transit Toronto reports on how King, from Bathurst through to Jarvis, has been made a street where transit–streetcars, particularly–has priority.
  • CBC notes that, by the standards of other peers, Toronto lags behind in the implementation of bike lanes.
  • The venerable old ferries which link Toronto to the Toronto Islands are set to be retired. Farewell, noble boats. CBC reports.
  • I quite like the idea of seeking out plans to make the Toronto Coach Terminal new again. It might be overlooked these days, but it does have lovely bones. The Toronto Star reports.

[NEWS] Four links: Ryerson poverty, Scarborough subway, G20 kettling, mapping the war dead of Canada

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  • Ryerson University students’ dependence on food banks only says terrible things about Toronto, higher education, and income inequality. CBC reports.
  • John Michael McGrath at TVO notes that the Scarborough subway simply cannot make sense as an economic transit project.
  • The rampant insincerity I am not only in detecting from the Toronto police service in the aftermath of the 2010 G20 kittling incident surely cannot serve them well. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Cartographer Patrick Cain maps the war dead of Canada, in cities across the country and in multiple conflicts. The sheer density of the dead is eye-opening. The maps are at Global News.

[URBAN NOTE] Five notes: Montréal, New York City, Palm Springs, Johnstown, global warming

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  • The Guardian reports on a new exhibition dedicated to Leonard Cohen in Montréal’s Musée d’art contemporain.
  • Apartments in Manhattan lacking doormen have apparently become cheaper recently. Bloomberg reports.
  • The city council of Palm Springs, long a queer mecca, is now composed entirely of out LGBTQ people. The Desert Sun reports.
  • Politico visits Trump voters of the declining industrial city of Johnston and finds people who still support him.
  • National Observer shares maps of sea level rise revealing the exceptional vulnerability of the cities of Canada.