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[URBAN NOTE] Seven Toronto links: #650Parliament, CNE, Cabbagetown, migration, TTC

  • It has been one year since the disaster at 650 Parliament. Global News reports.
  • The Star looks at how, after the 650 Parliament disaster, St. James Town is coping with the loss of a tenth of its population, right here.
  • A community group opposed the idea of the Ontario Line running vehicles through their neighbourhood every 90 seconds. The Star reports.
  • For one man, Wayne Malley, being lost at the CNE as a child was an unforgettable adventure. The Star reports.
  • Toronto Life interviews people in Cabbagetown to see what they think about their neighbourhood’s safe injection site, here.
  • NOW Toronto interviews six Torontonian musicians who left their city in search of affordable homes elsewhere, here.
  • Global News reports on the strange story of a retired TTC streetcar found in the middle of the forest.

[URBAN NOTE] Seven Toronto links: poverty, real estate, architecture, neighbourhoods

  • After a fire last night, the homeless encampments underneath the Gardiner Expressway have been cleared. Global News reports.
  • blogTO reports on a terribly depressing unit offered for rent in East York at $C 1250.
  • blogTO notes that a new pedestrian sky bridge is scheduled to be built in Exhibition Place.
  • Urban Toronto notes that the steel skeleton has been put in place for the new extension to Robarts Library.
  • blogTO reports on moves to place Ontario Place under heritage protection, sparing it redevelopment.
  • George Popper writes at Spacing against new city development protocols for Toronto neighbourhoods.
  • The state of 650 Parliament Street, now slated to be reopened in August of this year, is appalling. The Toronto Star reports.

[URBAN NOTE] Six Toronto links: real estate, CNE, Metrolinx, #650Parliament, transit politics

  • Urban Toronto notes that the Toronto real estate market is getting even tighter, with higher prices too.
  • blogTO notes that the CNE is offering for Christmas discounted tickets for the 2019 show, perhaps to try to recoup from this year’s strike-related losses.
  • Ontario’s auditor-general is very critical of Metrolinx’s behavior with regards to the Eglinton Crosstown line, as noted in The Globe and Mail. Ontario’s auditor-general has also ruled that the locations of two GO stations by Metrolinx were selected on the basis of political pressure, as the Toronto Star noted.
  • One of the tenants of 650 Parliament Street was being charged just short of a thousand dollars by Bell for not retrieving his inaccessible Bell gear, before the CBC got involved.
  • Tricia Wood at Spacing takes a look at the idea that mass transit in this city is politicized. Of course it is; it needs to be done better.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Yonge, 650 Parliament, renters, El Mocambo, Scarborough

  • Urban Toronto shares a photo of Yonge Street in North York, taken more than a decade ago.
  • The inhabitants of 650 Parliament Street will be displaced from their homes at least until April of 2019. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Tess Kalinowski at the Toronto Star looks at efforts to change the culture and laws of Toronto and Canada to better support long-term renters, here.
  • NOW Toronto reports on the latest plans on refurnishing venerable music hub El Mocambo, here.
  • Aparita Bhandavi reports on how, after Nuit Blanche, outsiders to Scarborough are only now starting to recognize the vibrancy of culture there. (I am among this number, in truth.)

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: St. Michael’s, 650 Parliament, TTC, Norm Kelly, Toronto 2033

  • Robyn Urback writes at CBC Toronto about the, sadly, unsurprising scandal at St. Michael’s College School regarding the abuse and sexual assault of students.
  • Many of the tenants displaced by the 650 Parliament Street fire will find themselves homeless very soon, if they cannot find a way to pay for their unwanted hotel stays. CBC reports.
  • The CodeRedTO report on the TTC makes the point that mass transit in Toronto is vulnerable, particularly needing secure funding and more effective governance. CBC reports.
  • blogTO takes a look at what is next for politician and Twitter star Norm Kelly, after he lost his seat in the Toronto elections.
  • Spacing announces its upcoming launch of its first fiction anthology, Toronto 2033, in an event next week in the Junction.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Doug Ford, Ontario Place, rent control, 650 Parliament, cannabis

  • This Toronto Life profile examines how Doug Ford managed to get elected premier of Ontario.
  • blogTO looks at how the province of Ontario has just taken over Ontario Place, preparing to redevelop this waterfront site in what we fear will be a bad direction.
  • blogTO notes how the scrapping of rent control for new units risks making housing still more unaffordable in Toronto.
  • Refugees from the 650 Parliament Street disasters are now being billed for their hotel stays, Global News reports.
  • NOW Toronto has this first-person essay from Pete Young talking how his cannabis business took him to the Toronto Stock Exchange.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: #650Parliament, Leslieville, Bathurst, Sheppard, Scarborough

  • That the owners of 650 Parliament Street are charging displaced tenants rent, while they are away from their homes, is unconscionable. The Toronto Star reports.
  • This CBC Toronto story about light pollution leaking over from a commercial building in Leslieville to nearby condos highlights a new problem for mixed-use districts.
  • Urban Toronto takes a look at the latest version of a proposal for a mixed-used property at Lake Shore and Bathurst.
  • blogTO notes that at least some politicians want to extend the underused Sheppard line of the TTC east to Kennedy station.
  • Aparita Bhandavi at The Discourse notes how the recent elections confirmed the underrepresentation of non-white males in politics in Scarborough.