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[URBAN NOTE] Seven Toronto links: #650Parliament, CNE, Cabbagetown, migration, TTC

  • It has been one year since the disaster at 650 Parliament. Global News reports.
  • The Star looks at how, after the 650 Parliament disaster, St. James Town is coping with the loss of a tenth of its population, right here.
  • A community group opposed the idea of the Ontario Line running vehicles through their neighbourhood every 90 seconds. The Star reports.
  • For one man, Wayne Malley, being lost at the CNE as a child was an unforgettable adventure. The Star reports.
  • Toronto Life interviews people in Cabbagetown to see what they think about their neighbourhood’s safe injection site, here.
  • NOW Toronto interviews six Torontonian musicians who left their city in search of affordable homes elsewhere, here.
  • Global News reports on the strange story of a retired TTC streetcar found in the middle of the forest.

[URBAN NOTE] Seven Toronto links: poverty, real estate, architecture, neighbourhoods

  • After a fire last night, the homeless encampments underneath the Gardiner Expressway have been cleared. Global News reports.
  • blogTO reports on a terribly depressing unit offered for rent in East York at $C 1250.
  • blogTO notes that a new pedestrian sky bridge is scheduled to be built in Exhibition Place.
  • Urban Toronto notes that the steel skeleton has been put in place for the new extension to Robarts Library.
  • blogTO reports on moves to place Ontario Place under heritage protection, sparing it redevelopment.
  • George Popper writes at Spacing against new city development protocols for Toronto neighbourhoods.
  • The state of 650 Parliament Street, now slated to be reopened in August of this year, is appalling. The Toronto Star reports.

[URBAN NOTE] Six Toronto links: real estate, CNE, Metrolinx, #650Parliament, transit politics

  • Urban Toronto notes that the Toronto real estate market is getting even tighter, with higher prices too.
  • blogTO notes that the CNE is offering for Christmas discounted tickets for the 2019 show, perhaps to try to recoup from this year’s strike-related losses.
  • Ontario’s auditor-general is very critical of Metrolinx’s behavior with regards to the Eglinton Crosstown line, as noted in The Globe and Mail. Ontario’s auditor-general has also ruled that the locations of two GO stations by Metrolinx were selected on the basis of political pressure, as the Toronto Star noted.
  • One of the tenants of 650 Parliament Street was being charged just short of a thousand dollars by Bell for not retrieving his inaccessible Bell gear, before the CBC got involved.
  • Tricia Wood at Spacing takes a look at the idea that mass transit in this city is politicized. Of course it is; it needs to be done better.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Yonge, 650 Parliament, renters, El Mocambo, Scarborough

  • Urban Toronto shares a photo of Yonge Street in North York, taken more than a decade ago.
  • The inhabitants of 650 Parliament Street will be displaced from their homes at least until April of 2019. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Tess Kalinowski at the Toronto Star looks at efforts to change the culture and laws of Toronto and Canada to better support long-term renters, here.
  • NOW Toronto reports on the latest plans on refurnishing venerable music hub El Mocambo, here.
  • Aparita Bhandavi reports on how, after Nuit Blanche, outsiders to Scarborough are only now starting to recognize the vibrancy of culture there. (I am among this number, in truth.)

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: St. Michael’s, 650 Parliament, TTC, Norm Kelly, Toronto 2033

  • Robyn Urback writes at CBC Toronto about the, sadly, unsurprising scandal at St. Michael’s College School regarding the abuse and sexual assault of students.
  • Many of the tenants displaced by the 650 Parliament Street fire will find themselves homeless very soon, if they cannot find a way to pay for their unwanted hotel stays. CBC reports.
  • The CodeRedTO report on the TTC makes the point that mass transit in Toronto is vulnerable, particularly needing secure funding and more effective governance. CBC reports.
  • blogTO takes a look at what is next for politician and Twitter star Norm Kelly, after he lost his seat in the Toronto elections.
  • Spacing announces its upcoming launch of its first fiction anthology, Toronto 2033, in an event next week in the Junction.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Doug Ford, Ontario Place, rent control, 650 Parliament, cannabis

  • This Toronto Life profile examines how Doug Ford managed to get elected premier of Ontario.
  • blogTO looks at how the province of Ontario has just taken over Ontario Place, preparing to redevelop this waterfront site in what we fear will be a bad direction.
  • blogTO notes how the scrapping of rent control for new units risks making housing still more unaffordable in Toronto.
  • Refugees from the 650 Parliament Street disasters are now being billed for their hotel stays, Global News reports.
  • NOW Toronto has this first-person essay from Pete Young talking how his cannabis business took him to the Toronto Stock Exchange.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: #650Parliament, Leslieville, Bathurst, Sheppard, Scarborough

  • That the owners of 650 Parliament Street are charging displaced tenants rent, while they are away from their homes, is unconscionable. The Toronto Star reports.
  • This CBC Toronto story about light pollution leaking over from a commercial building in Leslieville to nearby condos highlights a new problem for mixed-use districts.
  • Urban Toronto takes a look at the latest version of a proposal for a mixed-used property at Lake Shore and Bathurst.
  • blogTO notes that at least some politicians want to extend the underused Sheppard line of the TTC east to Kennedy station.
  • Aparita Bhandavi at The Discourse notes how the recent elections confirmed the underrepresentation of non-white males in politics in Scarborough.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Jennifer Keesmaat, John Tory, 650 Parliament, St. Clair, Don Valley

  • Lauren Pelley at CBC Toronto notes how, despite trying hard, Jennifer Keesmaat was unable to displace John Tory as the clear front-runner.
  • Mark Gollom at CBC notes that John Tory may be able to find ways to work with Doug Ford, though the province will remain the dominant partner in any relationship.
  • Many of the tenants displaced from 650 Parliament Street were happy to return briefly to their old homes, to retrieve belongings. The Toronto Star reports.
  • blogTO shares these vintage photos of St. Clair Avenue a century ago, to all appearances just another rural road.
  • Urban Toronto shared a gorgeous aerial photo of Toronto, looking south from a point in the Don Valley towards the downtown.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Little Tibet, #650Parliament, Downsview Park, #topoli

  • blogTO took a look at the history of Little Tibet, the stretch of Parkdale home to one of the biggest Tibetan communities outside of Asia.
  • Extensive electrical issues with 650 Parliament, the property manager claims, will keep that huge tower’s inhabitants from their homes for months. Global News reports.
  • Urban Toronto notes how the new Downsview Park will make its densifying neighbourhood that much more attractive.
  • John Lorinc at Spacing considers the contributions, and possible threats, posed by fringe candidates in this year’s mayoral election in Toronto.
  • Samantha Beattie at the Toronto Star reports on what some of the candidates who have dropped out of the race following the halving in the number of Toronto’s wards are doing now.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: #650Parliament, St. James’ Town, Parkdale, housing, Three Torontos

  • That residents of 650 Parliament Street will homeless for months in the aftermath of the fire that devastated their St. James Town tower is shocking. Global News reports.
  • The class-action lawsuit filed by residents of 650 Parliament against, among others, their landlords and Toronto Hydro for allowing this fire to take place sounds quite justified to me. CBC reports.
  • This story about Parkdale tenants facing eviction from their long-time home is very sad. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Torontonians may want more housing, polling reveals, but they don’t want more housing built near their current homes. The Toronto Star reports.
  • May Warren at the Toronto Star suggests that this city is becoming like the world of Downtown Abbey, with service workers being pushed to the periphery of their metropolis. The article is here.