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[NEWS] Five cultural links: Hitler, Internet, Nova Scotia roads, BC gangs, Pontic Greek

  • The BBC takes a look at Pontic Greek, a Greek dialect that survives precariously in exile from its homeland in Anatolia.
  • Klaus Meyer writes at The Conversation about how Hitler, in his rise to power, became a German citizen.
  • Low-income families in the Toronto area face serious challenges in getting affordable Internet access. CBC reports.
  • Jeremy Keefe at Global News takes a look at Steve Skafte, an explorer of abandoned roads in Nova Scotia.
  • In some communities in British Columbia, middle-class people have joined criminal gangs for social reasons. CBC reports.

[PHOTO] Window of bric-a-brac, Armstrong at Dufferin

This window of an abandoned shop, on Armstrong at Dufferin, has been the same since at least 2015, abandoned porcelains looking forlornly out. What change have they seen outside?

Window of bric-a-brac, Armstrong at Dufferin #toronto #wallaceemerson #dufferinstreet #armstrongavenue #window #ceramics #bricabrac #abandoned

Written by Randy McDonald

August 27, 2019 at 8:45 am

[PHOTO] Hotel Europa, Niagara Falls

I at first was not sure if the Hotel Europa, on the corner of Bridge Street and Erie Avenue in the old downtown of Niagara Falls just south of the train station and east of the bus station, was actually abandoned. I did see some open windows, and I did reason to myself that a hotel in such a prime location must surely be in use even if it might be a dive. But no, I later found out via a local that the hotel had been abandoned for years; one Flickr-hosted photo from 2007 identifies the hotel as abandoned even then. This is a shame: This building, dating back to 1910, really is in a prime location. Were I the enterprising and well-funded sort, I might well try to make a go of this place. I might even make this incarnation succeed.

Hotel Europa, Bridge Street side #ontario #canada #niagarafalls #hoteleuropa #bridgestreet #erieave #abandoned

Hotel Europa, Erie Avenue side #ontario #canada #niagarafalls #hoteleuropa #bridgestreet #erieave #abandoned #latergram

Written by Randy McDonald

May 3, 2019 at 11:00 am

[PHOTO] Posters on abandoned corner store, Bloor at Concord

Posters on abandoned corner store, Bloor at Concord #toronto #bloorcourt #bloorstreetwest #concordave #abandoned #cornerstore #posters #latergram

Written by Randy McDonald

April 5, 2019 at 7:00 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: crowding on the TTC, Downtown Relief Line, Eglinton, Ontario Place

  • At Spacing, John Lorinc wonders what will happen when someone gets killed in an accident related to crowding on the TTC.
  • Edward Keenan considers crowding on the TTC to be a crisis, one justifying the Downtown Relief Line, over at the Toronto Star.
  • blogTO notes how temporary closures of Eglinton station will make Yonge and Eglinton commuting even more nightmarish.
  • Torontoist calls for the King Street transit experiment to be applied elsewhere, to midtown, even.
  • blogTO shares some impressive photos of the abandoned Wilderness Adventure Ride at Ontario Place.

[URBAN NOTE] Four blogTO links: mirrors as art, old street signs, old silos, old streets

  • blogTO looks at the mirrors being scattered across the University of Toronto campus downtown. (Art.)
  • blogTO notes that old Toronto street signs are going up for sale.
  • Abandoned silos across Toronto are being refurbished for a variety of purposes. blogTO reports.
  • This blogTO photo essay about the vestiges of abandoned streets and related infrastructure across Toronto is evocative.

Written by Randy McDonald

October 7, 2017 at 8:15 pm

[PHOTO] Abandoned, 3950 Colonial Avenue, Montréal

Literally around the corner from Schwartz’s in Montréal, walking east on rue Napoléon in the Plateau, I saw on the northwest corner where Napoléon meets avenue Coloniale this building striking in its disrepair.

Abandoned, 3950 Colonial Avenue (1)

The above photo was one I shared immediately on Instagram. The three below are ones I took with my canon and shared today.

Abandoned, 3950 Colonial Avenue (2)

Abandoned, 3950 Colonial Avenue (3)

Abandoned, 3950 Colonial Avenue (4)

This building has been in disrepair for some time. Philippe Du Berger’s post on Flickr, dated the 31st of October, 2012, states the building dated from 1870 and that the façade had been stripped for later repair. Nothing happened then or immediately afterwards. A 23 May 2013 post on the tumblr of VVoyons shows the only thing that changed was the building’s slide into disrepair. The website of the city of Montréal, meanwhile, claims that this building is for sale at a price of just over 700 thousand dollars, and that the land would sell for a bit more than a third that price.

Written by Randy McDonald

January 29, 2017 at 10:44 am

[PHOTO] Abandoned tub, Dupont Street

Abandoned tub, Dupont Street #toronto #dupontstreet #dovercourtvillage #abandoned #tub

I know that my neighbourhood has been gentrifying over the years I lived here, but I’m glad there is still room for a certain amount of quirk and oddity.

Written by Randy McDonald

April 13, 2016 at 7:40 am