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[URBAN NOTE] “Behind one Toronto library’s seedy initiative with a lot of growth potential”

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Metro Toronto‘s Mary Warren reports on Toronto’s seed library, something I should take advantage of next year.

There’s a card catalogue at the University of Toronto’s Robarts Library that does more than help people look for books.

Instead, what people find inside can one day turn into everything from beans to watermelons.

It’s one branch of the Toronto Seed Library, where people can “borrow” seeds through a program aimed at bringing gardening to people who might not otherwise be able to dig in.

The city’s 22 branch network has been growing since 2012 and has dispensed at least 100,000 seed packets — many of them to new Canadians and people who might not otherwise be into gardening, like high-rise renters.

[. . .]

“Except where book libraries keep knowledge in the commons, seed libraries keep seeds part of the commons and accessible to everybody,” she said. “The idea is that, until very recently in history, you couldn’t buy seeds, everyone would just save and trade them amongst themselves.”

Written by Randy McDonald

August 23, 2016 at 8:29 pm

[PHOTO] Three photos from the Cavendish Road, Prince Edward Island

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The Cavendish Road, connecting North Rustico with Cavendish, can be exceptionally scenic, farmers’ fields stretching to the shore and the Gulf picking up where the land leaves off.

  #pei #rustico #northrustico #gulfofstlawrence

Bales of hay on the Cavendish Road  #pei #rustico #northrustico #cavendish #bales #hay


Written by Randy McDonald

August 23, 2016 at 2:15 pm

[ISL] “P.E.I. potato growers welcome rainfall”

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The Guardian of Charlottetown’s Eric McCarthy tells about Prince Edward Island’s drought, something just beginning to hit by the time I left. Apparently the west was particularly badly hit.

Prince Edward Island might be small, but it can offer up a mixed bag of weather at different places in the province at the same time. Just ask a potato grower.

St. Louis and area grower, Francis Shea, said the extreme western part of the province suffered through a very dry summer.

“The O’Leary area was getting rain; they were getting rains in the evening and we never got a drop up here,” he said.

That changed on Wednesday when the whole province got a generous soaking from Mother Nature.

“The Island’s small, but she’s got some weird weather patterns,” Shea acknowledged. He noted the O’Leary area is normally drier than the tip of the province, but that’s not the case this summer.

Written by Randy McDonald

August 19, 2016 at 9:35 pm

[PHOTO] The goats of the Great Canadian Soap Company, 2016 edition

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I visited Oyster Bed’s Great Canadian Soap Company and its goats in 2014, and I was determined to do so again. The goats are so charming!

Goats of the Great Canadian Soap Company, 1 #pei #oysterbed #goats #soap

Goats of the Great Canadian Soap Company, 2 #pei #oysterbed #goats #soap

Goats of the Great Canadian Soap Company, 3 #pei #oysterbed #goats #soap #latergram

Goats of the Great Canadian Soap Company, 4 #pei #oysterbed #goats #soap

Goats of the Great Canadian Soap Company, 5 #pei #oysterbed #goats #soap #latergram

Goats of the Great Canadian Soap Company, 6 #pei #oysterbed #goats #soap #latergram

Goats of the Great Canadian Soap Company, 7 #pei #oysterbed #goats #soap #latergram

Written by Randy McDonald

August 15, 2016 at 1:49 pm

[PHOTO] The goats of Jewell’s Country Market

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Written by Randy McDonald

August 8, 2016 at 9:26 am

[NEWS] Some Monday links

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  • Bloomberg notes Amazon’s development of a portal in Japan for Chinese tourists visiting that country, reports on an unexpected decline in Russian manufacturing, and looks at Poland’s conflicts with the European Commission on legal and democratic issues.
  • Bloomberg View notes Trump’s social security plan depends on immigrants, and looks at the geopolitics of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
  • CBC looks at plans for a greenhouse in a Nunavut town that might bring down the prices for fresh food substantially, and reports on a Brazilian town home to descendants of Southern migrants who are mystified by Trump.
  • The Globe and Mail reports on a South African discovery suggesting ancient hominins practiced burial and reports on a British Columbia judge who threw out the convictions of two people charged with terrorist plots, saying they were entrapped.
  • MacLean’s reports on how transit companies and airlines respond to abusive posts on social media.
  • The National Post reports on the impending return of hundreds of jihadists to the North Caucasus.
  • Open Democracy reports on the state of affairs in Hungary.

[BLOG] Some Thursday links

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  • blogTO reports that streetcar tracks are involved in a third of Toronto’s bike crashes.
  • Centauri Dreams notes that Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is a source of heat.
  • The Crux notes the non-medicinal uses of tobacco.
  • Dangerous Minds looks at the voyeuristic photography of 20th century Czechoslovakian photographer Miroslav Tich.
  • The Dragon’s Tales notes that Chinese and Iranian forces have joined Russia in exercises at Kaliningrad.
  • Torontoist looks at the risks of a land expropriation for a Scarborough subway extension.
  • Towleroad notes that Bernie or Bust could particularly hurt immigrants.
  • Window on Eurasia notes anti-Central Asian migrant sentiment in the Russian Far East.

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