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[NEWS] Four queer links: homophobia and adoption, Tori Amos, naturism, whisper networks

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  • Global News reports on a Edmonton couple surprised their anti-gay views disqualify them for adoption. Did they think they might not get a non-straight child?
  • Hornet Stories reports on how Tori Amos got her start playing piano in gay bars.
  • Mike Miksche reports for NewNowNext from a gay naturists’ resort. The place sounds quite wholesome.
  • Jesse Dorris at The New Yorker makes the point that gay/bi/queer men, too, need a whisper network to warn of threats. Being out is hard, but necessary for this.

Written by Randy McDonald

November 9, 2017 at 6:15 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Four notes on changing cities: Kingston, Calgary, Vancouver, Los Angeles

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  • The Princess Street corridor of Kingston is booming, but too much? I really must get out there to see. Global News reports.
  • That Calgary has seen the introduction of basement suites blocked is a problem for that city. MacLean’s examines.
  • Gary Mason dislikes the increasing unaffordability of Vancouver for young people, over at The Globe and Mail.
  • CBC shows how a new indie coffee shop in Los Angeles relates to gentrification in Hispanic and black neighbourhoods.

[URBAN NOTE] Edmonton, Dartmouth, Montréal and Valérie Plante, Trump and the Bills

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  • Global News notes a celebration of Harbin Gate, in Edmonton, a Chinese monument that may not be reassembled.
  • Dartmouth, it’s being said, is becoming the Brooklyn of Halifax. Global News reports.
  • It turns out that Donald Trump was involved in the push to keep the Buffalo Bills from moving to Toronto. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Chantal Hébert places the election of Valérie Plante as mayor of Montréal in the context of a backlash against elites.
  • Toula Drimonis at the National Observer places the election of Valérie Plante in the context of her strengths as a believable politician.

[URBAN NOTE] Four community links: Newfoundland politics, goldfish, Grenfell tower, water disasters

  • Politics in a small Newfoundland community seem to literally be a family matter, of Crockers and Blakes. The National Post reports.
  • Goldfish are taking over the water systems of the Alberta city of St. Albert’s. The National Post reports.
  • This BBC feature looks at the lives of the inhabitants, survivors and not, of the 21st floor of Grenfell.
  • This Guardian feature looks at ways cities can protect themselves against disaster, especially with water.

[URBAN NOTE] Four notes about changing cities in Canada: Hamilton, Edmonton, Cornwall, Antigonish

  • Hamilton’s Christ Church is striving for continued viability, in part through selling off vacant land for condos. Global News reports.
  • Edmonton’s Accidental Beach, a byproduct of construction berms on the North Saskatchewan River, has gone viral. Global News reports.
  • Meagan Campbell of MacLean’s looks at how the refugee crisis did, and did not, effect the garlic festival of border city Cornwall.
  • The successful integration of a Syrian refugee family of chocolatiers in the Nova Scotia town of Antigonish is nice. The Toronto Star carries the story.

[URBAN NOTE] Four notes on the Canadian struggle to land the second headquarters of Amazon

  • CBC’s Pete Evans notes that Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Halifax and Ottawa are all interested in landing Amazon’s HQ2.
  • David Rider in the Toronto Star notes that John Tory is pushing forward Toronto as home to Amazon’s HQ2, with its 50 thousand jobs.
  • Bloomberg View’s Conor Sen notes that Toronto is a strong candidate for Amazon’s HQ2, alongside cities like Atlanta and Boston.
  • Also in the Star, David Rider notes that ex-Amazon exec James Thomson is skeptical a crowded Toronto will land HQ2.

Written by Randy McDonald

September 11, 2017 at 9:00 pm

[NEWS] Five notes about Canada, from GG Julie Payette to lobster sent to China to Syrians in Ontario

  • Paul Wells reports on the process leading up to the selection of astronaut Julie Payette as Governor-General.
  • At MacLean’s, Scott Gilmore notes that the reluctance of the Conservative Party of Canada to embrace gay people is a big problem.
  • VICE notes that the lobster of Atlantic Canada has become a prominent feature of Canada’s trade with China.
  • Toronto Life shares photos from a four-day vacation of a Syrian refugee family that took them across Ontario.
  • CBC notes that the tourism sector in Jasper is wanting for workers, because of low wages and a high cost of living.