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[NEWS] Ten #cdnpoli links

  • CBC looks at the internal splits within British Columbia, between the Liberal-leaning coast and the Alberta-leaning interior, here.
  • The legal departure of oil company EnCana from its Alberta headquarters is the cause of great upset. CBC reports.
  • Will Andrew Scheer survive as leader of the Conservative Party, with challengers like Peter MacKay? The National Observer reports.
  • People in Lloydminister, on the Alberta-Saskatchewan border, reflect the frustrations of the populations of the two provinces. CBC reports.
  • Philippe Fournier at MacLean’s writes about the sharp rural-urban political split in Canada.
  • Green Party Fredericton MP Jenica Atwin is interviewed by the National Observer about her goals, here.
  • The Treaty 8 chiefs have united in opposition to the separation of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Global News reports.
  • CBC reported on the multiple MP candidates who, genealogist Darryl Leroux found, falsely claimed indigenous ancestry.
  • Jessica Deer reported for CBC about the near-universal boycott by the Haudenosaunee of #elxn43, and the reasons for this boycott.
  • Scott Gilmore recently a href=”https://www.macleans.ca/opinion/the-u-s-is-sinking-maybe-its-time-for-canada-to-jump-ship/”>suggested at MacLean’s that, noting American instability, Canada might do well to secure itself and promote its multilateralism by seeking to join the EU.


[URBAN NOTE] Seven Toronto notes

  • Matt Gurney wonders if the losses of votes for the Conservatives in the Greater Toronto Area will doom Andrew Scheer, over at the National Post.
  • Jamie Bradburn took a look at the opening of the Ontario Science Centre, here.
  • Spacing shares an argument for density transition zones in Toronto, here.
  • The Village Idiot Pub in Toronto, across Dundas from the AGO, will rebrand itself the Village Genius. Global News reports.
  • Queen and Coxwell will soon host some new affordable housing. Global News reports.
  • The closure of a flea market on Old Weston road, a year after a tragic shooting, is a shame. The Toronto Star
  • I am going to see at least some of the works in this year’s Toronto Biennial. NOW Toronto reports.

[NEWS] Eighteen #cdnpoli and #exln43 links

  • MacLean’s looks at how Justin Trudeau and the Liberals survived #elxn43, here.
  • Ajay Parasram at The Conversation looks at the new complications faced by Justin Trudeau.
  • Daily Xtra looks at the record of the Liberals on LGBTQ2 issues, here.
  • Daily Xtra looks at the four out LGBTQ2 MPs elected to Parliament, here.
  • Philippe Fournier at MacLean’s argues that 338Canada stands vindicated in its predictions, with some 90% of the people it predicted would be elected being elected.
  • What will become of Conservative leader Andrew Scheer? The National Post considers.
  • Strategic voting and Doug Ford, Mark Gollom notes, kept the Conservatives from making a breakthrough in Ontario.
  • Robyn Urback at CBC notes that the narrow conservatism of Scheer kept the Conservatives from victory in a wary Canada.
  • Stephen Maher at MacLean’s questions if the Bloc Québécois victory has much to do with separatism, per se.
  • Voters in Québec seem to be fine with election results, with a strong Bloc presence to keep the Liberals on notice. CBC has it.
  • Talk of separatism has taken off in Alberta following the #elxn43 results. Global News has it.
  • The premier of Saskatchewan has also talked of his province’s alienation after #elxn43, here in the National Post.
  • CBC’s As It Happens carries an interview with former Conservative MP Jay Hill, now an advocate for western Canadian separatism.
  • Atlantic Canada may provide new members for the cabinet of Justin Trudeau. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Jaime Battiste, Liberal, has been elected as the first Mi’kmaq MP from Nova Scotia. Global News has it.
  • The Green Party did not make its hoped-for breakthrough on Vancouver Island, but it will struggle on. Global News has it.
  • Did, as Politico suggested, Canada sleepwalk into the future with #elxn43?
  • We should be glad, Scott Gilmore argues in MacLean’s, that given the global challenges to democracy #elxn43 in Canada was relatively boring.

[NEWS] Thirteen #cdnpoli links for #elxn43

  • CTV News notes that election day is here in Canada.
  • CTV News shares a list of answers to frequently asked questions about #elxn43 requirements.
  • Philippe Fournier at MacLean’s notes that #elxn43 is shaping to be perhaps the most uncertain federal election in Canada since 1979, at least.
  • Kai Cheng Thom at Daily Xtra addresses the despair of a voter wondering if they should vote at all. Even in dark times, there must be some room for hope, for creative responses.
  • Andrew Coyne at the National Post points out the obvious, that Canadians should not feel smug about dysfunction in the US and Britain.
  • Chris Selley at the National Post argues against electoral reform.
  • CBC shares stories of Syrian refugees, now citizens, voting for the first time in #elxn43.
  • The diffusion of extremist sentiments in Canada in the past few years is a real concern. NOW Toronto has it.
  • This CBC opinion suggests that expatriates from Canada, non-resident in the country, should not have a right to vote.
  • Andrew Scheer, once notable for his vocal support for Brexit, is now much quieter about the issue. CBC reports.
  • Peter Henderson at NOW Toronto argues that Ed the Sock has become the voice of a responsible conservatism.
  • The claims of Andrew Scheer that the political party that wins the most seats gets to form the government in the Canadian system are obviously wrong. Global News has it.
  • Who, exactly, forms the middle class in Canada, that demographic that Trudeau and Scheer have been claiming to address? CBC reports.

[NEWS] Five LGBTQ links: Chilliwack, Moose Jaw, Scheer, gay gene, Eurovision

  • After Chilliwack, British Columbia, decided not to put in place a rainbow crosswalk, two residents painted their driveway in that colour scheme. The Mission City-Record reports.
  • Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, has received a substantial investment to boost LGBTQ tourism. Global News reports.
  • Erica Lenti at Daily Xtra wondered if Andrew Scheer could make a meaningful apology for his opposition to marriage equality.
  • Lauren Strapagiel at Daily Xtra is critical of efforts to find the biological basis for non-heterosexualities.
  • Marke B. at them writes about the queer potential and challenges of Eurovision.

[NEWS] Three links on Canada, Trump, trade, and politics

  • Canada is redoubling its lobbying efforts in the United States, to try to gain some security versus Trump. Global News reports.
  • Kevin Carmichael looks at how the Trump Administration is triggering Canada’s own internal divisions, on things as various as milk and lumber and Bombardier, perhaps to the United States’ own benefit. MacLean’s has it.
  • John Geddes looks at the subtle differences in the videos of Conservative Andrew Scheer and Liberal Justin Trudeau, Scheer’s video being in the suburbs and Trudeau’s being among the crowds. MacLean’s carries the article.

Written by Randy McDonald

November 16, 2017 at 7:30 pm