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[NEWS] Four links from Canada, from Sears Canada to the Avro Arrow to racism to First Nations

  • MacLean’s Joe Castaldo notes the case for Sears Canada giving executives retention bonuses even as it shorts lesser workers.
  • CBC notes another, potentially more successful, search for Avro Arrow models in the depths of Lake Ontario.
  • VICE notes the history of white supremacism in Canada, extending to the point of a failed coup by some in Dominica.
  • Spacing reports on the Indigenous Place Making Council, intended to secure a place for increasingly urban First Nations in Canada.

Written by Randy McDonald

July 16, 2017 at 5:30 pm

[BLOG] Some Tuesday links

  • Crasstalk’s MonkeyBiz wonders if Apple has jumped the shark and is just coasting on past achievements.
  • Crooked Timber’s Henry Farrell takes issue with Tony Judt’s dismissal of Stephen King. A good case can actually be made that King, through his fiction, is something of a public intellectual–a left-winger, at that.
  • Daniel Drezner partially retracted his criticism of Mitt Romney after that man was caught on video talking about displacing the Israeli-Palestinian dispute’s resolution into the indefinite future, but also wonders whether Romney is actually seen as a credible antagonist and leader. What good is a posture based on strength if that strength is disbelieved?
  • Geocurrents has a post describing the confluence of environmental catastrophe and local autonomy in the Ogoniland district of Nigeria’s polluted, unstable, Niger delta.
  • Lawyers, Guns and Money’s Robert Farley took note of a proposal in the Canadian media to modernize the Avro Arrow as a new-generation warplane. Wouldn’t work, of course.
  • Language Hat notes the completion of a dictionary of Demotic, the ancient Egyptian written in the time of Rome.
  • Using highly-detailed poll data, Patrick Cain wonders if, suitably and plausibly redistricted, Ontario might return a Liberal majority.
  • Supernova Condensate notes that the discovery of exoplanets in the young Beehive Cluster suggests planets can form and remain in orbit of their star(s) even in densely-packed star clusters.