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[PHOTO] Looking south, Parliament at Carlton

Looking south, Parliament at Carlton #toronto #cabbagetown #parliamentstreet #carltonstreet #intersection #wires

Written by Randy McDonald

October 11, 2019 at 1:30 pm

[URBAN NOTE] Seven Toronto links: #650Parliament, CNE, Cabbagetown, migration, TTC

  • It has been one year since the disaster at 650 Parliament. Global News reports.
  • The Star looks at how, after the 650 Parliament disaster, St. James Town is coping with the loss of a tenth of its population, right here.
  • A community group opposed the idea of the Ontario Line running vehicles through their neighbourhood every 90 seconds. The Star reports.
  • For one man, Wayne Malley, being lost at the CNE as a child was an unforgettable adventure. The Star reports.
  • Toronto Life interviews people in Cabbagetown to see what they think about their neighbourhood’s safe injection site, here.
  • NOW Toronto interviews six Torontonian musicians who left their city in search of affordable homes elsewhere, here.
  • Global News reports on the strange story of a retired TTC streetcar found in the middle of the forest.

[URBAN NOTE] Six Toronto links: terra cotta, racism, Grand Gerrard, CityPlace, Vision Zero, coffee

  • I should have gone to see that house in the Junction with the terra cotta tiles before it was no longer. blogTO reports.
  • White nationalists are putting up posters around the city. blogTO reports.
  • The Grand Gerrard Theatre is set to re-open, continuing a century-long tradition. blogTO reports.
  • Urban Toronto notes how construction continues for Canoe Landing Centre, at CityPlace down on the waterfront.
  • Can the Vision Zero plan help protect public spaces in Toronto from terrorist attacks? CBC Toronto considers.
  • Why, exactly, did a Starbucks in Cabbagetown close down? blogTO reports on the local confusion.

[PHOTO] Three photos of a Regent Park demolition

Regent Park is a neighbourhood in the middle of transition, shifting from a notoriously troubled public-housing district to something different via a controversial regeneration. On Parliament Street one block south of Gerrard, this one building remained, some windows missing but otherwise intact; on Gerrard Street east of Parliament, you could see inside into the ruins made by the demolition crews.

Regent Park demolition (1) #toronto #regentpark #parliamentstreet #demolition

Regent Park demolition (2) #toronto #regentpark #parliamentstreet #demolition

Regent Park demolition (3) #toronto #regentpark #parliamentstreet #demolition

Written by Randy McDonald

April 24, 2019 at 11:00 am

[PHOTO] Star Trek Beyond fighter pods @ $C 4, Cabbagetown

Last night, I came across these two toy sets, survivors of 2016’s Star Trek Beyond, for sale at $C 4 each in the Dollarama at 425 Parliament Street in the heart of Cabbagetown. Should I have gotten them? Star Trek Beyond was a fun film, though it felt more like a 1990s Trek two-part episode than a fully-fledged feature film in its own right.

Star Trek Beyond fighter pods @ $C 4 (1) #toronto #dollarama #parliamentstreet #cabbagetown #startrek #startrekbeyond #toys

Star Trek Beyond fighter pods @ $C 4 (2) #toronto #dollarama #parliamentstreet #cabbagetown #startrek #startrekbeyond #toys

Written by Randy McDonald

April 24, 2019 at 10:15 am

[URBAN NOTE] Six Toronto links: 488 University, Scarborough, Davenport, police, BiWay, Cabbagetown

  • Urban Toronto shares a photo of the Residences of 488 University Avenue, built on a converted office tower and nearing completion.
  • Urban Toronto notes newly-released plans for the massive redevelopment of the Scarborough Town Centre area, transforming parking lots into space for more than a dozen residential towers and extensive parks.
  • CBC notes that Andrew Cash, former NDP MP for my riding of Davenport, is seeking the NDP nomination for the 2019 riding. I would strongly consider voting for him if he does run.
  • CBC notes a study reporting on the terribly high rate of interactions, including violent ones, between black Torontonians and police.
  • blogTO reports that BiWay, an old Canadian discount retailer, is set to make a return to Toronto in 2019.
  • Toronto Life interviews people on the street in Cabbagetown about what they think about a controversial proposal for a new daycare in that neighbourhood.

[URBAN NOTE] Six Toronto links: downtown jobs, Galleria Mall, neighbourhoods, TTC

  • Jeff Gray at The Globe and Mail reports on the “hyperconcentration” of jobs in downtown Toronto, something that may decidedly unbalance the wider metropolis.
  • Toronto Life shares some of the photos taken by Shari Kasman of the Galleria Mall for her new book about this neighbourhood institution.
  • Christopher Hume at the Toronto Star notes how Toronto’s low density speaks of this city’s difficulty in mastering good change.
  • This ongoing fight in Cabbagetown regarding zoning for a daycare highlights many of the weaknesses of Toronto’s civic culture. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Happily, there will be no more shutdowns on Line 1 of the TTC subway system for the rest of December. The Toronto Star reports.
  • Transit Toronto notes that the new automatic train control station has been installed north of Dupont Station.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Doug Ford, Ontario Place, rent control, 650 Parliament, cannabis

  • This Toronto Life profile examines how Doug Ford managed to get elected premier of Ontario.
  • blogTO looks at how the province of Ontario has just taken over Ontario Place, preparing to redevelop this waterfront site in what we fear will be a bad direction.
  • blogTO notes how the scrapping of rent control for new units risks making housing still more unaffordable in Toronto.
  • Refugees from the 650 Parliament Street disasters are now being billed for their hotel stays, Global News reports.
  • NOW Toronto has this first-person essay from Pete Young talking how his cannabis business took him to the Toronto Stock Exchange.

[PHOTO] Five photos from the Toronto Necropolis at twilight

I would have liked to have spent more time in the Toronto Necropolis, but at this point of the year the cemetery’s gates close at 5:30. I only had enough time to dip briefly into the cemetery off of Winchester Street, take a look, and dip out. I need to spend more time there: In the light of a fall twilight, this place is gorgeous.

Dipping into the Necropolis (1) #toronto #cabbagetown #torontonecropolis #cemetery #fall #autumn #yellow #leaves #evening

Dipping into the Necropolis (2) #toronto #cabbagetown #torontonecropolis #cemetery #fall #autumn #yellow #leaves #evening

Dipping into the Necropolis (3) #toronto #cabbagetown #torontonecropolis #cemetery #fall #autumn #yellow #leaves #evening

Dipping into the Necropolis (4) #toronto #cabbagetown #torontonecropolis #cemetery #fall #autumn #yellow #leaves #evening

Dipping into the Necropolis (5) #toronto #cabbagetown #torontonecropolis #cemetery #fall #autumn #yellow #leaves #chapel #evening

Written by Randy McDonald

November 9, 2018 at 11:15 am

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Jennifer Keesmaat, John Tory, 650 Parliament, St. Clair, Don Valley

  • Lauren Pelley at CBC Toronto notes how, despite trying hard, Jennifer Keesmaat was unable to displace John Tory as the clear front-runner.
  • Mark Gollom at CBC notes that John Tory may be able to find ways to work with Doug Ford, though the province will remain the dominant partner in any relationship.
  • Many of the tenants displaced from 650 Parliament Street were happy to return briefly to their old homes, to retrieve belongings. The Toronto Star reports.
  • blogTO shares these vintage photos of St. Clair Avenue a century ago, to all appearances just another rural road.
  • Urban Toronto shared a gorgeous aerial photo of Toronto, looking south from a point in the Don Valley towards the downtown.