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[URBAN NOTE] Four notes about culture in Toronto: photos, CNE and Charles Pachter, theatre, LMM


  • The National Observer notes an exciting new exhibition at the Ryerson Image Centre of vintage NYT photos of Canada.
  • The Star notes how Canadian artist Charles Pachter first gained fame as a child star in a film about the Exhibition.
  • NOW Toronto’s Glenn Sumi praises the hard-core theatre fans of Toronto for their dedication to the local art.
  • At Spacing, Adam Bunch notes the tragic last days of Lucy Maud Montgomery in Swansea, depressed and despairing.

[NEWS] Four Canada links: migration, CNE origami, Parks Canada in #Canada150, and Trans-Canada Trail

  • At CBC, Don Pittis notes–in this time of a refugee crisis–Canada is economically able to handle more newcomers.
  • I really do want to see this origami diorama tomorrow at the CNE.
  • In this year of free national park admissions, Lauren Krugel notes how Parks Canada prepared for the surge.
  • Atlas Obscura notes that, after almost three decades, the Trans-Canada Trail is finally complete, from coast to coast.

[URBAN NOTE] Three links about the Canadian National Exhibition (#letsgototheex)

  • The Toronto Star challenges two journalists to find the best ways to spend $50 at the CNE.
  • Transit Toronto talks about the history of mass transit and the Ex, sharing links.
  • Toronto Life shares archival photos of the CNE going as far back as 1911.

Written by Randy McDonald

August 24, 2017 at 5:45 pm

[PHOTO] Six photos of Scadding Cabin, Exhibition Place

Scadding Cabin, a log cabin named after the English immigrant John Scadding who built it in 1794 that happens to be the oldest known surviving house in Toronto, was the final stop on the Ghost Walk held at Exhibition Place. It was a good stop, between the dim of evening outside and the candles inside.







Written by Randy McDonald

May 22, 2017 at 6:00 pm

[PHOTO] Twelve photos from a Ghost Walk at Exhibition Place, Toronto (#explaceto)

The Jane’s Walk that took me through Exhibition Place‘s spaces, places like the General Services Building and the Horse Palace with their own reputations of odd happenings, was rather evocative. Kevin Connor’s Toronto Sun article goes into more detail about some of the stories that are told about this place by the lake.













Written by Randy McDonald

May 21, 2017 at 12:56 pm

[URBAN NOTE] “Is the Exhibition Place’s Hotel X back on track?”

The Toronto Star‘s Ellen Brait reports on the latest in the struggle to build a hotel at Toronto’s Exhibition Place, between environmental concerns with the site and the financial concerns of the builders.

The construction of Exhibition Place’s Hotel X has been long, complicated, and riddled with problems. But those involved say they’re back on track.

“May is the target date. We’re making pretty good progress,” Owen Whelan, president of McKay-Cocker, the construction manager for the project, said. “I would say at this point we’re full speed ahead.”

But a number of liens still remain in place against the property. Liens are typically placed against properties as a means to keep a right of possession until a debt is paid.

Government records show five companies certified liens between Oct. 2016 and Dec. 2016 that are still in place. They range from around $89,000 up to $32-million. Multiplex Construction Canada Limited, the former construction manager of the project, took out the largest lien, at $32,573,260, on Oct. 19, 2016 and filed a second one for $17,618,739 on Nov. 28, 2016.

Jeffrey Burke, president of Lift All Crane Service Ltd., one of the companies with a lien against the property, said after Multiplex Construction Canada left the project, they left many companies “in the position where we had to put a lien on the project to ensure we were going to get paid.”

Written by Randy McDonald

February 15, 2017 at 6:00 pm

[URBAN NOTE] On the troubles with Hotel X at Exhibition Place

The Toronto Star‘s Alex Ballingall reports on the latest problems at Exhibition Place.

The already-delayed construction of a “cutting edge” resort at Exhibition Place was halted last month when the company that was building the complex placed a $32-million lien against the city-owned property, the Star has learned.

In an Oct. 25 email to the Board of Governors of Exhibition Place, which includes five city councillors, Chief Executive Officer Dianne Young said she had informed the city’s legal department of the situation at the Hotel X, a project near the iconic Princes’ Gate that has been discussed since as early as 1999.

Young wrote that one week earlier—in mid October—Multiplex Construction Canada “suspended work on the Hotel X site” and took out liens against the property. Young said the owner of the Hotel X development subsequently hired a new builder “because of this action and the inability to move the project forward.”

Exhibition Place is a publicly-owned area that is run by a city-appointed board of governors, which can lease properties for business ventures with municipal approval. The Hotel X project was given the green light in December 2009, and was originally slated for completion in May 2015, according to a board report.

Government records show Multiplex certified a lien against the Hotel X property on Oct. 19 that is worth $32,573,260. Six more contractors took out liens in the following days, ranging from just over $20,000 to almost $5 million. Liens are typically placed against properties as a means to keep a right of possession until a debt is paid.

Written by Randy McDonald

November 17, 2016 at 6:30 pm