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[BLOG] Some Sunday links

  • Anthrodendum features a guest post from editors introducing a series on fieldwork and trauma.
  • Crooked Timber’s John Quiggin takes a stab at trying to define neoliberalism as an ideology, not just a catch-all phrase.
  • The Crux looks at desalination, a difficult process that we may need to use regardless of its difficulty.
  • D-Brief notes that narcissism is linked to lower levels of stress and depression.
  • Jezebel notes the return and legacy of Bratz dolls.
  • Joe. My. God. shares the Sam Smith cover of the Donna Summer classic “I Feel Love”, along with other versions of that song.
  • JSTOR Daily considers if graphene will ever become commercially usable.
  • Dan Nexon at Lawyers, Guns and Money links to an analysis warning about commercial debt. Another 2008?
  • Marginal Revolution points to some papers suggesting that cannabis usage does not harm cognition, that the relationship is if anything reversed.
  • Daphne Merkin at the NYR Daily looks back at her literary life, noting people now gone.
  • Drew Rowsome reviews the new Daniel MacIvor play Let’s Run Away.
  • The Volokh Conspiracy looks at how the Trump Administration lost two cases against sanctuary cities.
  • Window on Eurasia considers, briefly, the idea of Gorbachev giving to Germany Kaliningrad, last remnant of East Prussia.
  • Worthwhile Canadian Initiative looks at the rises in health spending directed towards young people. Is this a warning sign of poor health?
  • Arnold Zwicky looks at Gaysper, and then at other queer ghosts.

[NEWS] Seven politics links: childcare, China in Canada, drugs, Venezuela, Brexit, Finland

  • CBC reports on childcare costs across Canada, noting how exceptionally low and affordable they are in Québec.
  • If China withdraws its students studying in Canadian universities from the country in the way Saudi Arabia did its students, the financial impact on many centres of higher education would be significant. Global News reports.
  • NOW Toronto notes how Doug Ford, surprisingly, has managed to make a mess of the nascent legal cannabis sector of retail.
  • VICE explains how Europe has largely managed to avoid a fentanyl crisis–Europe’s drug dealers have much more of a vested interest in the survival of their clients.
  • This Open Democracy essay notes how, in the light of the breakdown of Venezuela, this central alliance of China in Latin America is looking increasingly problematic.
  • This essay at Open Democracy by an anonymous anti-Brexit activist from northern England notes that, in the end, an already vulnerable North is going to have to take responsibility for the Brexit it voted for when catastrophe hits.
  • DW reports the results of Finland’s guaranteed minimum income experiment: Although well-being was improved, recipients did not increase their participation in the labour market.

[URBAN NOTE] Five city links: Ottawa, Montréal, Val d’Or, San Francisco, Tirana

  • CBC notes that some hopeful owners of cannabis shops in Ottawa who went ahead in setting up their locations without securing a license are upset with their lost investments.
  • A new urban regeneration program is afoot for an east-end Montréal neighbourhood, CTV notes.
  • Labour shortages in Québec have reached the point that some immigrants are searching for jobs, and finding them, in the city of Val d’Or in the Abitibi region. CBC reports.
  • A San Francisco contractor who leveled a historic home in that city, without seeking authorization, has been ordered to rebuild it exactly as it once was. BBC reports.
  • CityLab notes the youthful energy, and youth-led planning, that pervades Tirana, the growing capital of Albania.

[URBAN NOTE] Five city links: Mississauga, Montréal, New York City, Winnipeg, Tijuana

  • After consultation with indigenous groups, Mississauga is removing all Indigenous symbols from sports teams and facilities. blogTO reports.
  • This Huffington Post Québec article, in French, notes that Montréal can make a very good case for again supporting a major league baseball team. The Expos may return.
  • VICE notes that the idea of legalizing marijuana sales in New York State, and of devoting the funds raised from marijuana taxation to rebuilding the New York City subway station, is becoming popular.
  • The latest redrawing of provincial electoral boundaries in Manitoba leaves the growing metropolis of Winnipeg with one seat more and rural Manitoba with one seat less. Global News reports.
  • Laura Agustín reports on the experiences of a volunteer lawyer working with the Central American migrant caravan in Tijuana, here.

[NEWS] Five Canada links: Christian right in Ontario, equalization, Highway 138, cannabis, Manitoba

  • The Conversation looks at the growing strength of the Christian Right in Ontario, here.
  • La Presse notes how, after a decade of being a net recipient of equalization payments, Ontario is doing well enough to be a net donor again, and the provincial government dislikes this.
  • Mayors in the far northeast of Québec, near the Labrador border, are approaching the federal government to complete Highway 138 that would tie them inside the Canadian road network. CBC reports.
  • NOW Toronto reports on how the new cannabis regulation in Ontario favoured by Doug Ford will favour big business.
  • The first Amish settlement has been set up in Manitoba, the newcomers preparing for their first prairie winter. CBC reports.

[BLOG] Some Sunday links

  • Crooked Timber takes a look at “abusive legalism”.
  • D-Brief looks at unusual Type 1A supernova ASASSN-18bt, which exhibited an odd early burst of light.
  • The Dragon’s Tales reports on a Dutch government report that Russia has developed a new cruise missile in violation of the INF treaty.
  • Drew Ex Machina takes a look at the latest thought on habitable moons.
  • Far Outliers notes how Korean, Taiwanese, and Okinawan prisoners in American prisoner of war camps for Imperial Japanese soldiers distinguished themselves (or not) from their ethnic Japanese counterparts.
  • L.M. Sacasas at The Frailest Thing considers the metaphor of the cave in the digital era. Do data scientists truly understand the online world?
  • JSTOR Daily looks at the different estimates as to the size of the legal cannabis market in Canada.
  • Language Log links to a podcast that takes a look at the Philadelphia dialect of English.
  • Out There makes the argument that Cubesats are perfectly suited to conducting surveys of asteroids.
  • Drew Rowsome reviews the one-man show Obaaberima, performed by Tawiah Ben M’Carthy, currently playing at Buddies in Bad Times.
  • Window on Eurasia notes a demographer’s argument that any future population growth in Russia will need to be driven by immigration.

[NEWS] Nine links about marijuana legalization in Canada (#marijuana, #cannabis, #legalization)

  • Peter Armstrong at CBC reports on the patchwork of laws and different kinds of retail outlets governing marijuana across Canada starting tomorrow.
  • The different structures in stores and prices for marijuana in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia may drive substantial, even politically contentious, cross-border shopping. Global News reports.
  • Stu Neatby at the Charlottetown Guardian takes a look, complete with photos, at the Charlottetown retail outlet of P.E.I. Cannabis.
  • Fraser Snowdon at Global News takes a look at Smiths Falls, where cannabis is set to replace chocolate as the main driver of the eastern Ontario town’s economy.
  • Illegal dispensaries in Ontario that do not close by the end of today, Tuesday the 17th, may never be able to operate legally. (Or will they?) The National Post reports.
  • Martin Regg Cohn at the Toronto Star writes about the practical legal void relating to regulation of cannabis sales in Ontario under Doug Ford.
  • Michelle Da Silva at NOW Toronto writes about all of the events scheduled to take place in Toronto tomorrow in celebration of the legalization of marijuana.
  • Roberta K. Timothy at The Conversation writes about how problematic it is that legalization of marijuana is not accompanied by an amnesty for past convictions, and how the anti-black and anti-indigenous racism that drove criminalization needs to be acknowledged.
  • Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution notes the impending legalization of marijuana in Canada, starting a fairly interesting discussion in the comments.

[NEWS] Five links on cannabis and marijuana in Ontario and Canada

  • NOW Toronto speculates if tours of cannabis country, post-legalization, might be akin to–even compete with–tours of wine country in Ontario.
  • News that coffee chain Second Cup might want to convert some of its coffee stores over to cannabis retail is interesting. VICE reports.
  • The Conversation reports on the possibility that Ontario might have thousands of pot retailers.
  • MacLean’s offers guides, horticultural and otherwise, for people who might want to grow marijuana at home.
  • blogTO shares the details of the new marijuana laws in Ontario. Wow.

Written by Randy McDonald

September 28, 2018 at 9:30 pm

[PHOTO] Free Marc Emery

“Free Marc Emery”, the slogan spray-painted on the sidewalk next to a clutch of cannabis leaves proclaims.

Free Marc Emery

Written by Randy McDonald

January 8, 2013 at 2:08 pm