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[ISL] Four #PEI links: Lupins, politics, elections, Pride

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  • CBC Prince Edward Island looks at the famous lupins of Prince Edward Island, here.
  • There were mixed emotions, CBC Prince Edward Island reports, as non-residents of the Abegweit First Nation at Scotchfort were allowed to vote in band elections for the first time.
  • Politicians report that, notwithstanding the lack of a formal agreement, right now it looks as if the minority Conservative government could last until 2023. CBC PEI has it.
  • The raising of the pride flag in Charlottetown follows reports of homophobia outside of the capital, as small towns like Alberton refused requests. The Guardian reports.

[ISL] Five #PEI links: Airbnb, Charlottetown Mall, Crapaud, Région Évangéline, seaweed pie

  • CBC Prince Edward Island notes the proportionally extreme impact of Airbnb on the very tight housing market in Charlottetown.
  • The Guardian notes the redevelopment of the Charlottetown Mall will see new stores and several hundred new housing units.
  • Peter Rukavina reports on his successful electronic mapping of every building in the community of Crapaud.
  • CBC Prince Edward Island notes that a move to amalgamate the predominantly Francophone and Acadian west-end Région Évangéline into a single municipality has halted.
  • Atlas Obscura reports on the PEI dish of seaweed pie, made from Irish moss, once in the community of Miminegash and now available at the Canadian Potato Museum in O’Leary.

[ISL] Five #PEI links: MMP, election, Vaisakhi, apartments, cannonry

  • In a guest opinion at The Guardian, Stephen DeGrace makes the argument for PEI to vote for a mixed-member proportional electoral system at the end of April.
  • 14 thousand voters, 13% of the electorate, cast votes in the advance polling on PEI. CBC PEI reports.
  • CBC PEI reports that the Sikh holiday of Vaisakhi was widely celebrated by the Island’s growing Sikh community.
  • The Guardian notes the creation by Charlottetown of a registry of secondary and garden suites, the better to grapple with the housing crisis.
  • Peter Rukavina links to Harry Holman’s blog post explaining why there is a cannon lodged in the sidewalk at Queen and Grafton.

[URBAN NOTE] Five city links: Montréal, Detroit, New York City, Mumbai, Stratford

  • La Presse interviews one owner of a calèche, an iconic horse-and-carriage from Montréal, who claims that an impending ban will be devastating.
  • blogTO notes the possibility, in the early 2020s, of a new passenger rail route connecting Toronto to Detroit.
  • CityLab takes a look at The Shed, the performing arts centre in the controversial Manhattan development of Hudson Yards.
  • Bloomberg makes the argument for India to create a purpose-built financial centre for Mumbai.
  • Stu Neatby at The Guardian looks at the shortage of rental housing in the growing Charlottetown PE suburb of Stratford.

[ISL] Five #PEI links: PEI Greens, orchids, Sandstone Comics, PrEP, David Currie

  • The Guardian reports on the confidence of PEI Green Party leader Peter Bevan-Baker that the April election on PEI is for his party to win.
  • This guide to the wild orchids of PEI sounds very useful. CBC reports.
  • I wish the team at PEI comics group Sandstone Comics the best as they prepare their issues of original material. CBC reports.
  • The costs of anti-HIV drug regimen PrEP are now being covered on PEI for members of at-risk groups. CBC reports.
  • The Guardian features an interview with 80-year-old Charlottetown cobbler David Currie about his life and his career six decades long.

[ISL] Five #PEI links: Bathygnathus borealis, real estate, CFL, bridge fees, politics

  • On Prince Edward Island, footprints of the ancient pre-dinosaur predator Bathygnathus borealis have been found. Global News reports.
  • VICE notes how the extreme shortage of rental housing on PEI is placing heavy pressure on the vulnerable.
  • Out of Maritime solidarity, Charlottetown supports the bid of Halifax to finally host a CFL football team. Global News reports.
  • CBC Prince Edward Island reports on a recent poll suggesting Islanders would overwhelmingly like the fees associated with crossing the fixed link to be radically reduced to abolished altogether.
  • Prince Edward Island is again preparing to hold a referendum on electoral reform, shifting from first-past-the-post to proportional representation. Global News reports.

[ISL] Three #PEI links: Tryon, immigration, real estate, cats, Province House

  • Peter Rukavina shares some photos and a sketch from the Tryon River Bridge on the Island.
  • CBC Prince Edward Island notes that immigration retention rates on PEI, while low, are rising, perhaps showing the formation of durable immigrant communities.
  • The Guardian of Charlottetown shares the story of a tenant facing eviction after he complained to his landlord about an illegally large rent increase.
  • An elderly man on the Island has been reunited with his cats after his senior’s housing unit forbade him from taking his pets with him, CBC PEI reports.
  • CBC Prince Edward Island reports on the state of the extensive renovations of Province House, with new materials being sourced and secrets discovered.