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[URBAN NOTE] Five city notes: Montréal, Bronx, Nashville, Chicago, London

[URBAN NOTE] Five city links: Kingston, Montréal, Chicago, New Orleans, Buenos Aires

  • Plans for a residential development in Kingston’s west-end Graceland district have raised environmental concerns. Global News reports.
  • HuffPostQuebec shares the exciting plans for expanding and modernizing the complex around the Oratoire Saint-Joseph.
  • CityLab notes how, despite having a declining black population, Chicago is set to elect a black mayor.
  • VICE looks at the bars and nightclubs in uptown New Orleans that, in the 1970s, hosted the city’s jazz and funk scenes.
  • Guardian Cities reports on the murga, the latest dance/pop culture craze in Buenos Aires.

[URBAN NOTE] Five city links: Ottawa, Kingston, Halifax, Chicago, Greater Bay Area and Hong Kong

  • CBC reports on how Ottawa is storing its ever-growing mountain of snow removed from its streets.
  • The city of Kingston, Ontario, is facing a growing shortage of family doctors despite it being a regional hub. Global News reports.
  • The centenary of anti-Chinese riots in Halifax has just passed. (Would you believe I never learned of these at school?) Global News reports.
  • VICE tells the story of how most people can, or cannot, afford to live in an ever-pricier city of Chicago.
  • The SCMP reports on the “Greater Bay Area” plan just announced by China, an integration of the Pearl River area into a single global powerhouse. How will Hong Kong fit into this?

[URBAN NOTE] Five city links: Oshawa, Chicago, Montréal, London, Bulawayo

  • Rosie Di Manno writes at the Toronto Star about the import of the concert that Sting threw in Oshawa for newly unemployed GM workers there.
  • Chicago is going to house some innovative new public housing designs, combining low-cost homes for access to physically attached libraries and their educational opportunities. WTTW reports.
  • CBC takes a look at the desperate last gap of the Montreal Star, forty years ago.
  • CBC reports on the mass excavation of tens of thousands of bodies, and their study by experts, conducted as part of a program of commuter rail construction at a site in London.
  • Ozy looks at the decline of Bulawayo, the second city of Zimbabwe.

[URBAN NOTE] Five city links: Raccoon City, Hamilton, Chicago, Milwaukee, Paris

  • Mark Clapham at CityMetric takes</u. an insightful look at the terrifying, dehumanizing, ways in which the fictional Raccoon City was designed.
  • Alex Bozikovic writes in The Globe and Mail about the goals of the new chief planner of Hamilton, Jason Thorne, to help grow a dynamic and livable city.
  • Guardian Cities looks at how many of the major streets of Chicago trace their ancestry to the trails of indigenous peoples.
  • WUWM notes how Milwaukee has the largest concentration of Rohingya refugees in the United States.
  • Mira Kamdar at the NYR Daily looks at the agricultural past–and potential future–of the Paris periphery, particularly but not only Seine-Saint-Denis.

[URBAN NOTE] Five city links: Montréal, Chicago, London, Trieste, Bangkok

  • La Presse notes that Montréal mayor Valérie Laplante faces significant challenges in dealing with the new Québec government.
  • JSTOR Daily reports on a recent study tracing back large-scale police violence in Chicago back to the late 19th century.
  • Feargus O’Sullivan at CityLab notes how, among other things, exceptionally high rents lead to much commercial space in London being vacant. Are there ways to deal with this?
  • This Asia Times article takes a look at Chinese investments in the port of Trieste that might make this port a leading portal for Chinese trade, surpassing Greece’s Piraeus.
  • Jamie Fullerton at Guardian Cities considers if increasing the amount of green space in low-lying Bangkok might help protect that city against sea level rise.

[URBAN NOTE] Five city links: Winnipeg, Buffalo, Chicago, Tallinn, Duqm

  • The question of re-opening the storied intersection of Portage and Main, at the heart of Winnipeg, to pedestrian traffic is being hotly debated. The National Post reports.
  • CityLab describes how the New York city of Buffalo is enjoying a huge boom in the creation of public art.
  • Wired describes Chicago’s Wild Mile, a new riverine habitat ingeniously created for the manmade North Branch Canal.
  • The World Economic Forum reports that, on the theory that public transit is a public good, Estonia is making public transit free throughout the country, including in the capital of Tallinn.
  • Guardian Cities notes the energetic effort of Oman to create, where five years ago there was just desert, the new city of Duqm.