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[NEWS] Four LGBTQ links: Project Houston, marginalization, coming out, sex panics

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  • Fatima Syed and Victoria Gibson ask what happened to Project Houston, the Toronto police enquiry that ended before the disappearace of more victims of the Church and Wellesley serial killer, over at the Toronto Star.
  • Arshy Mann at Daily Xtra argues that all the mechanisms that marginalize people, not just police neglect, have to be taken into account.
  • Vice interviews out 20-somethings on the subject of what they think about coming out. Is it still something that has to be done?
  • AV Flox at Medium notes how Internet sex panics already tend to focus their hurt on LGBTQ communities.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: TTC and safety, Downtown Relief Line, crime, G20

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  • Ben Spurr argues that building the Downtown Relief Line is not only a matter of improving public transit, but rather of public safety as crowding increases, over at the Toronto Star.
  • A man, Toronto Police announced today, has been arrested in the case of the murder of Tess Richey in Church and Wellesley late last year. The Toronto Star has it.
  • CBC reports on yesterday’s vigil at the Metropolitan Community Church for the victims of the Church and Wellesley serial killer.
  • Trevor Dunn of CBC reports on the civil lawsuit lodged by Luke Stewart against the Toronto Police Services Board for the behaviour of Toronto police in 2010 during the G20 summit.
  • Nicole Thompson’s Canadian Press article noting how the repeated recent failures of the TTC undermine the credibility of Toronto as a burgeoning international centre is true. The National Post a href=”http://nationalpost.com/pmn/news-pmn/canada-news-pmn/issues-with-toronto-subway-raise-questions-about-citys-position-as-major-hub”>has it.

[NEWS] Five LGBTQ links: crime, Church and Wellesley, politics, Cape Breton, flannel

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  • The vigil that Toronto’s Metropolitan Community Church is holding tonight for the victims of the Church and Wellesley serial killer sounds necessary, meaningful. CBC reports.
  • Vjosa Isai reported yesterday about a string of unsolved murders committed against gay men in the late 1970s in Toronto. I’m impressed; this is the first time I’ve come across mention of these victims since I read their names in digitized copies of the Body Politic. The article is at the Toronto Star.
  • The confidence of John Ibbitson that Church and Wellesley’s LGBTQ identity will remain fixed is bracing. The Globe and Mail has it.
  • The refusal of Cape Breton Regional Municipality Mayor Cecil Clarke to accept being blackmailed and to instead come it is good news, an item that made international headlines, for instance at Queerty.
  • Is flannel tired as a lesbian signifier? I wonder. Thoughts? VICE starts a discussion.

[URBAN NOTE] “Death in the Village”

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This heart-breaking long-form article by Anthony Oliveira, published at Hazlitt, shares an insider’s perspective on the Church and Wellesley community in the context of the recent revelations a serial killer has been working here for years.

It is mid January, 2018. I am sitting in the press conference for Andrew Kinsman’s family. We are in the 519 Community Centre; above the lobby bulletin board hangs a sign: “FAMILIES DEFINE THEMSELVES.” The conference is in the ballroom on the second floor. The last time I was here it was full of steamy bodies—the humid rain had moved the TreeHouse Party inside, and we danced in the microclimate of our sweat. I remember a friend’s hand in the small of my clammy back that made me wriggle and slap them away.

Now it is cold. Journalists and equipment personnel sparsely laugh and chat, milling near a hastily erected coffee station. One behind me loudly barks: “There’s probably a book in this!” The family is huddled, watching them. Watching us, I guess. They have just learned an arrest has been made. They have just learned, for certain, that their brother was killed. They are waiting for the body to be found.

They speak imperfectly, as all of us would. They think aloud of the child that Andrew was. Shelley Kinsman takes no questions after her statement. I watch her anxiously clutching and persistently rubbing a small black stone with both hands throughout. I never find out what it was. She looks like my mother, fretting at her rosary beads.

Andrew’s sister Karen tells a story about how her brother wanted to be a paleontologist, and how the family once hid a cow femur and convinced him there must be dinosaurs buried in the yard. He dug and dug until, ecstatic, he found the bones.

The room shifts uncomfortably and moves quickly past the infelicitous image.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Old City Hall, Dean Lisowick and Sorough Mahmudi, mayor, Quayside

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  • Toronto City Council has voted overwhelmingly in favour of making Old City Hall a municipal museum. The Toronto Star reports.
  • CBC shares more memories of victim Dean Lisowick, remembered by all as a sweet guy. There’s less about Soroush Mahmudi.
  • Shree Paradkar, distressingly, is entirely correct about the list of victims revealing whose lives are valued and whose are not, by police and within the gay community. The Toronto Star has it.
  • Is there now, Edward Keenan wonders, room for a mayoral to campaign to the left of John Tory with Doug Ford out of the race for now? He writes at the Toronto Star.
  • Susan Crawford at Wired warns about the risks posed by the Google investment in the Toronto waterfront, about a hollowing out of the idea of a city as a common good.

[PHOTO] Three photos of my walk to Wellesley station last night in the snow

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The last photo of this set that of three that I took last night on my walk to the Wellesley subway station is my favourite.

Snow falling on Maitland #toronto #churchandwellesley #maitlandstreet #snow #night #winter

Snow falling on Yonge, facing south #toronto #churchandwellesley #yongestreet #snow #night #winter

Snow falling on Yonge, facing north #toronto #yongeandwellesley #yongestreet #snow #night #winter

Written by Randy McDonald

January 30, 2018 at 8:30 am

[URBAN NOTE] Five links on the Church-Wellesley serial killer

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  • This is appalling news. Two of the names of the people McArthur is charged with murdering aren’t names I’d heard mentioned before in connection with disappearances. How many dead are there? CBC reports.
  • CBC is entirely justified in asking why, for at least a half-dozen years before this summer, gay men of colour were disappearing without any noticeable police response.
  • The sufferings of the friends and family of the victims are foremost in my mind, but I can also imagine how the friends and family of the accused are responding to the news. The Toronto Star interviewed McArthur’s sister last week.
  • The Globe and Mail was able to determine that McArthur had links to four of the men who disappeared.

Written by Randy McDonald

January 29, 2018 at 9:30 pm