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[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: housing & ODSP, Crystal Papineau, Y&E Brooke Lynn Hites, loneliness

  • Justin Haynes writes at NOW Toronto about the exceptional difficulty of finding affordable housing in Toronto for people on ODSP.
  • CBC Toronto reports on the life of Crystal Papineau, a homeless woman who died in a tragic accident in Bloorcourt.
  • Transit Toronto notes that Yonge and Eglinton is going to be disrupted for the next two months by Eglinton Crosstown construction.
  • Toronto Life looks at Brooke Lynn Hites, the first Canadian contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race.
  • Samantha Edwards writes at NOW Toronto about the concern that our city’s boom in condo construction might also lead to loneliness. What is to be done?

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Ontario Place, Scarborough, homelessness, LCBO

  • Jennifer Pagliaro at the Toronto Star writes about the history of Ontario Place, intended from the start to be forward-facing.
  • The Scarborough subway extension may be delayed by new private funding mandated by the Ontario provincial government, the Toronto Star notes.
  • CBC Toronto notes how the City of Toronto has given residents of a homeless encampment under the Gardiner at Spadina the order to vacate.
  • Peter Biesterfeld at NOW Toronto reports on how the tragic death of Crystal Papineau in Bloorcourt has encouraged many activists to call for better policies for the homeless, starting with improving the shelter system.
  • This r/Toronto thread starts with one poster’s observation about a successful raid on the LCBO by two bold thieves.

[URBAN NOTE] Five Toronto links: Crystal Papineau, office space, TTC upload, cemetaries, 1999 snow

  • Laurie Monsebraaten at the Toronto Star looks at the life of Crystal Papineau, the homeless woman who died in a tragic accident in a Bloorcourt clothing donation box.
  • A construction boom is ongoing in Toronto to meet the growing demand for office space. The Globe and Mail reports.
  • The Ontario government is preparing to upload the subway from the City of Toronto by fall. Global News reports.
  • A recent lawsuit by citizen groups has seen a dozen cemeteries in Toronto, including Mount Pleasant, formally defined as public land. CBC Toronto reports.
  • The National Post shares an oral history of the great snowstorm of 1999, which saw an overwhelmed Toronto call in for help removing snow from across the country.