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[NEWS] Ten JSTOR Daily links (@jstor_daily)

JSTOR Daily is a quality source of links that can accumulate quickly.

  • JSTOR Daily shares ten poems about travel.
  • JSTOR Daily notes the decidedly mixed environmental legacies of missionaries.
  • JSTOR Daily explains why, exactly, a landlord in the medieval world might ask for a rose at Christmas time as rent.
  • JSTOR Daily explores the immersive cyclorama of the 19th century.
  • JSTOR Daily notes how, with a canny emphasis on the prestige of their drink and their lineages, dealers of champagne were able to build lucrative empires.
  • JSTOR Daily takes a look at the 17th century German painter of insects Maria Sibylla Merian, now at last gaining recognition.
  • JSTOR Daily summarizes a paper that examines why the literal image of Nelson Mandela is so popular, is so iconic.
  • JSTOR Daily notes that, alas, the balance of the evidence suggests alcohol is not good for people.
  • JSTOR Daily looks at “story papers”, the inexpensive 19th century periodicals carrying stories targeted at boys and young men which ended up changing both popular literature and gender identities.
  • Alexandra Samuel at JSTOR Daily takes a look, after Rachel Giese, at the ways in which the Internet and Internet culture can lead to outbreaks of misogyny.